Jamie’s favorite iPhone apps

Jamie’s favorite iPhone apps

Alright, so I’m not advocating that you keep your kid glued to an electronic device. In fact, I took the computer out of the preschool because I feel that at school they should get the one on one interaction with the high school students. They get plenty of technology at home.

HOWEVER, sometimes you are at the store, or out to eat and you need to distract from a tantrum or something like that. THEN, I think technology is amazing and that’s when I whip out my phone as a distraction and all is good. Sometimes it buys me enough time to get out of the store without embarrassing myself.

There are a couple of apps that I find pretty amazing.


1) All the Fisher Price apps
-they are Free
-they are educational…I’m pretty sure Jamie learned her body parts from the dancing dog

2) The Fairies book.
– Not free but well worth it for my Tinkerbell obsessed toddler. They have other books, too. This one actually allows you to blow pixie dust into the phone through the charger opening. No joke! You blow into it and pixie dust flies across the screen!

3) Balloonanimals
-Again, you blow into the charger end to “blow” up the balloon. You shake it to make the animal. Then you can touch the animal to play with it, take a picture of it, and pop it. The picture keeps in your photos, too! So cute and also not free, but well worth it to me.


Why, Hello Kangaroo! Thank you for saving Jamie’s my life while trying to get groceries without making a scene!

I heart you iPhone!

PS- I also now blog exclusively from my phone. Will you marry me, Sari?

PPS- I actually did ask her and she said, “No, thank you.” Well, at least she was polite about it. I think we’re over the awkwardness now.


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