I am not pleased!!

I am not pleased!!

The other day Matt and I came across these…


Yes! You would be right. Those would be miniature panties.


No! Those are not my panties…

So the story goes that I find these underpants and my super sleuth skills tell me they belong to one of Jamie’s toys. I’m just not sure which.

(real life conversation in my house)

Me: “Matt? Do you know where these little panties came from?”

Matt: “Uh, noooo.”

Me: “Oh wait, I think they belong to that little plush doll my mom gave me when I was in college.”

Matt: ” Oh, yeah! They belong to that one caveman doll!”

Me: “Caveman doll? What are you talking about?”

Matt: “Yeah. The caveman doll we have.”

Me: “Matt, I don’t know how to break this to you, but we don’t have a “caveman” doll.”

And then Matt pulls out the doll and it turns out we are talking about the same said doll.

I’m not sure how to feel about that since my mom gave it to me because she thought it looked like me!


Ok, so the dog did get to it once.

That is the most recent pic of me.

Not ok!!


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