I finally got off my arse

I finally got off my arse

So a little over a week ago I had my 6 week post partum appt. and you know what that means….no more excuses to not work out.


I really really don’t like working out and so you can imagine that when I woke up last week sick again, I milked it for all it was worth and I delayed my workouts another week. My body needed to heal, right?

Well, the antibiotics have been doing their job so that meant this week I had to actually get up and do something.

You will be proud to know that I completed day 1 of c25k today! This is interesting, because before I got married I was running 5k’s all the time. Then again, I also weighed under 120 lbs and wore a size 2, so I probably shouldn’t dwell on that…

Anywho, running when you weigh more is harder! I found the c25k app on my phone to be a lot like labor. For a min and a half I wanted to die and just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, the voice told me to walk again. Nice!

I’m prepared for day 2 on Thursday. And yet, now that I am reminded of child birth I am not looking forward to it. Who am I kidding! No matter what I wouldn’t be excited to be running again on Thursday, but I will do it!

FYI- I will not be bombarding this blog with post baby body issues like after I had Jamie.

First of all, I didn’t gain as much with Austin and he was bigger. This means I really only have a few pounds to lose to get to pre-baby weight at this point. However, that’s not good enough for me as I need to get to pre fertility treatment weight, which I never managed to get to after having Jamie.

Secondly, I’m going to use twitter for my weight loss journey.

What? You actually thought I wasn’t going to talk about it at all?

Wrong-o, my friend!

My twitter handle is @talktosuzie. Or you can click on the link under the “Follow Me” tab to the right of the screen. 🙂


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