When the cats away, I….do my nails?

When the cats away, I….do my nails?

Matt’s on a guys night to watch a guy movie so I thought I’d get extra crazy with two kids in tow.


Ok, that’s funny cause my new crazy is drink wine out of a solo cup while watching a chick flick, do my nails with the new magnetic nail polish I just got, or both. Since I’m too tired to do both I opted for nail polish.

Internets, meet Sally Hansen’s magnetic fingernail polish…


That thing on the top is the magnet…


You wave that magnet on top of your nails while they are wet and you get this….


Cool, huh?

Up next? Maybe washing my hair, or cleaning the bathroom? Who knows. The possibilities are ENDLESS! I am very exciting as you well know.

Don’t worry Internets. I’ll keep you updated.

You’re welcome!

PS- I am not getting paid to post this, although I should be because of the sheer awesomeness of it all.

PPS- In case you can’t read sarcasm, I am being very sarcastic. Except the part where I’m telling you that this nail polish is awesome. Believe you me, IT IS AWESOME! And that’s not just the polish fumes talking, people…

PPPS- You know what else is awesome? This Dateline episode about the Spray Tan murder. And you thought spray tans were safe! You gotta stay on your toes these days, you know? Unless you are on your toes for a spray tan. Then, I urge you not to do it! People get murdered for those kinds of things. FOR REAL!

PPPPS- Side note- Do you think people still where colored contacts?

PPPPPS- I am completely sober. Not a lick of wine. I’ve seriously been wondering about the colored contact thing these days. Also, the spray tan thing is for real. No joke! I wouldn’t joke about murder. Hmmm mmm.


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