Hunger Games Review

Hunger Games Review

Alright, so in another attempt to catch up on this blog, I would be remiss if I did not comment on the Hunger Games Trilogy that I read over my Spring Break and then later watched with Matt on our last date until retirement before the baby came.

I know my most avid readers are aware of my general distaste for Stephenie Meyer and the Twilight series. Not to say that I can do it better than her, however it’s just not the kind of writing I enjoy reading.

For the record this is not how I felt about the Hunger Games. I LOVED the trilogy, I loved Suzanne Collins writing and her story concept (and her name isn’t so bad, either), I loved how it ended the way I hoped it would, and I loved the character development. AND, I also loved the movie! Seriously, I thought it was all well done and I seriously can’t wait for the Catching Fire movie to come out.

I guess we could say I give it two thumbs up, or 5 stars, or applause or whatever you want to give it.

Well done, Suzanne Collins! Well done!


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