And the award goes to…

And the award goes to…

Minute Clinic at CVS!

Am I the only goober who never used this place until now?

When I woke up sick, yet again, yesterday, I knew it was time to bite the bullet and get some antibiotics. I mean, I’ve only been sick 4 out of the last 6 weeks since Austin was born. While I appreciate that all this illness is helping me shed baby weight quickly, I’m kinda of done with the whole feeling like crap every day while trying to take care of two babies. Two words: It sucks!

I didn’t see my PCP sooner because it is just so hard to get in! When they squeeze you in you wait for about 1 hr. minimum before you even get in the room and then wait longer when you finally get out of the lobby. This is not a luxury I can afford with a 6 week old in tow. Not to mention all the sick people I would be subjecting my newborn to.

A few of my friends go to the Minute Clinic at CVS, so I figured I would give that a try.

Well, as you can probably infer from the blog title, I am very pleased with my experience. There was no wait, no sick people, AND they take most insurance. It was really awesome- I was in and out in just 25 minutes!

The best part was that the antibiotics they put me on were FREE at Publix, too! Publix happened to be my next stop, how convenient is that??

So yes, I am on antibiotics. Turned out my ears, throat, and nasal passages all show signs of infection! I’ve got swollen glands, sore sinus areas on my face, a perpetual headache, and two ears that are killing me!

I am close to being a walking infected zombie.

Uh, oh! Shouldn’t joke about that.

I do live in Florida, after all.

Don’t worry. I’ve had no urges to eat someone’s face off, although I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to growling lately.


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