And then they met…

And then they met…

Mother’s Day was the first day we had all 3 cousin’s together.


People ask me quite a bit how Jamie has been doing with the babies.

The answer is AWESOME!

I couldn’t have dreamed up a better response from her. I bought her a baby doll about a month before the baby came to kind of prepare her for a human baby. She loves her baby and likes to sleep with it, push it in its stroller, feed it, etc. I don’t know if that helped of not, but she is amazing with her brother and cousin.

When she first met Gavin, she tried to tickle his feet. It was so funny and so unexpected. I’ll never forget that moment.

With her brother, she is always trying to kiss him, bring him blankets or a bottle. Poor guy has had baby doll paci’s and bottles shoved in his mouth regularly, but he takes it like a champ. Whenever he cries, she says “uh oh, baby!”

I have to say that my favorite moments with Jamie and the baby is when she kisses him and asks to hold him. She loves sitting on the couch and snuggling with him.

Yesterday, she actually called her baby doll Austin (which sounds more like “Austy”). Love!

There was also that time I’m pretty sure she was trying to cast a “quiet” spell on him….


Well, you can’t blame a girl for trying..,


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