Whoa, April!

Whoa, April!

April, as you know was a big month for us. Besides the birth of our son, I also became an aunt!

I wasn’t able to travel to Miami since I was so close to giving birth, myself. In a lucky turn of events, however, my sister came home with the baby when he was only a week old.

Here we are meeting for the first time!


Welcome, Gavin Asad Hajisafari! He was born on April 5th, which also happens to be my sister’s wedding anniversary! Cool, huh?

Gavin came 16 days before Austin. I can’t wait to see how their relationship evolves in the future being cousins so close in age.

Since Elaine was still in town when Austin was born, so she was able to steal away and see him in the hospital before she left. It was pretty amazing that we had that opportunity. The boys didn’t get to meet until later, though.

April also happens to be Matt’s birthday month. Austin was born 5 days before his daddy’s birthday. Since Austin was so young we couldn’t go anywhere cool to celebrate. Instead, I had my mom pick up some take-out from Matt’s favorite BBQ place, Smokey Bones. She also picked up an ice cream cake for him, another favorite of his. Fortunately, I remembered to pick up a gift before the baby came. My parents and Mike, Matt’s brother, came over to indulge in the celebration. It was quiet and relaxed, but it was fun times and Matt seemed pretty please.

Jamie helped blow out the candles. She may or may not have been stealing swipes of icing while no one was looking…



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