Social Media Confessions

Social Media Confessions

Lately, I’ve been trying to be more twitter and FB friendly. I’m updating with more than just my blog entries on both. I’ve also been careful not to repeat those little extras on both FB and twitter in case you follow both.

You’re welcome!

Ok, but if I’m honest with myself the truth is that FB totally annoys me. It’s so fake. It’s hard to read some of the sappy updates when I know for a fact that it’s not real. Truthfully, I hide most people’s updates. That’s my passive aggressive way of dealing with not having to unfriend people. A sad fact, but unfriending can be scary! Oh, the politics of FB! It totally gives me anxiety. I try to use my personal page for kid updates so that my family can see what’s going on in my life. That’s all folks.

Twitter on the other hand is super intriguing to me. I like the celebrity chatter and gossiping. I know that is very superficial, but that’s the truth! (you deserve the truth…) I also like knowing some of the news as it happens. I will also say that I am slightly jealous of those of you with a strong following that actually have conversations on there. I’m still trying to find my way around the twitter world (for instance, I’m not 100% sure about the hashtag politics, but I’m figuring it out). Feel free to help me out on that, peeps.

When it comes to Pinterest, I um…well, ok you aren’t going to believe this, but I may be one of the only few who finds it boring as hell. I know, right! Ok, please don’t stop following me for that confession, but I really just don’t understand why people love it so much. Anyway, in shocking truth I feel it is a complete waste of time that does nothing for me (unlike other Internet time wasters I indulge in), so yeah.

Just so we’re clear, that is not going to stop me from pinning things on my boards. I will on days/nights I’m super bored. It does serve some purpose for me, ok!

On another note, I’ve been blogging from my phone these days and it’s helping me stay on track with updating regularly. I still have some stuff I need to put out there that you missed from April while I was MIA.

I’ve also been a little crafty lately, believe it or not! Check these chocolate covered pretzels I made for favors for the baptism:


Now excuse me while I go eat a few before midnight. My “lose the baby weight” saga continues tomorrow and I’ve got about 15 min left to shove my face.


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