Only red skittles in a red bowl, please!

Only red skittles in a red bowl, please!

Got an email from one of my students this afternoon that she got her CDA (the national certificate no public school in Florida has pulled off until now!!) in the mail today!!!


Ok, so there may be another school that has pulled it off this year, but we are right there with them and I couldn’t be more excited!!! I haven’t heard from the other 3 girls, yet. The only school in Florida that got their students CDA’s was a charter school and only had 3 qualifiers. I have 4! Let’s hope I one up them!

Alright, so those of you that are familiar with Florida schools know we have a school grade and these new national certificates count towards that. Because they are so hard to get they count ALOT. Like the equivalent of 20 AP exams. And, they bring in more grant money to our school. This means my Principal is going to be one happy camper.

What do you think if when I call him on Monday I request a personal assistant, a fresh fruit basket with a skinny vanilla latte on my desk every morning, and a red bowl with only red skittles to be refreshed every day in my classroom? Not too much to ask right?? Yeah, I didn’t think so either…

Also, Austin is getting baptized tomorrow. We have a lot to celebrate this weekend!!


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