Someone save me…

Someone save me…


See that sweet little sleeping “angel?”

Well, he only slept 3 hours last night!!

3. 3! THREE!!!

Do you read the crazy (mixed with hysterics) in my voice??

Just so you have the story straight…he woke up at 6:40 pm from his afternoon nap. Did not go back to sleep until 3:30 am and then woke up again (cooing and blowing bubbles, I might add) at 6:30 am.

May the Lord grant me enough caffeine to keep me sane for the next 36 hours…


Around the world in 80 drinks play date

Around the world in 80 drinks play date

Today’s (actually yesterday’s) drink is brought to you by Cuba!!!!

Why, hello Mojito. It’s been a while since you and I met. I’ve missed you SO SO much!


(image found via

Ok. So this wasn’t a play date as much as it was dinner (a fish fry to be exact), but those details are minor….

Back to our Mojito…..

Well, what can I say about it?

Smell= minty fresh with a hint of rum

Taste= minty fresh with a hint of rum


I only drink these homemade, unless I make it. Then it resembles something a little more like swamp water and loses that “fresh” taste. We all found out the hard way. I’m pretty sure Matt couldn’t even get his shoes on after my version. No worries, there were sober adults to watch the kids!

The kiddies enjoyed juice boxes and made handmade notes.


Why, yes! It is a party isn’t it?! Now let’s go eat some pie!


I made that sweet little homemade Key Lime Pie (crust, too!). Don’t go saying I never make anything around here…


Pajama jeans, please!

Pajama jeans, please!


See, how excited I am?

That would be because my pajama jeans fit again! Woot! Woot!

I am also back to my pre-pregnancy weight as of this morning!

Ok, so I may have blown out my left knee running to make it to this point, but “no pain, no gain,” right?

Now I’ve only got the rest of Jamie’s baby weight to lose.

Now I know what they mean by the saying, “A woman’s job is never over….”

PS- The answer to your question is, Yes! Pajama jeans are as good as they sound- Jeans that feel like pajamas. It really doesn’t get any cooler than that. Now for a little Suzie fashion tip: get yourself a pair of fur lined crocs to wear with them and you are golden. You’re welcome!


Austin is 2 months old!!

Austin is 2 months old!!





Height: 24 in. (96%)
Weight: 14 lb. 8 oz. (>97%)
Head: 16 1/4 in. (96%)

Ladies and Gentleman…we have ourselves a Bigun’!

Austin is definitely a different animal than Jamie. He’s also chunkier!! At 2 months old, Jamie weighed almost a pound less and was 1/4 in. longer. Needless to say, he has already moved to size 3-6 months and size 2 diapers.

Austin’s personality is starting to shine through in the last 4 weeks. He’s a super happy baby in the mornings cooing and smiling. At 6 weeks old he even started smiling for the camera.



This last month Austin also got baptized! I still need to do a separate post for that one…oopsie!


Although, Austin still has his grumpapotomus moments, we’ve had some break through moments, too. He’s still a fussy high maintenance child, but I’m finding that the fussy moments are getting less and less. I’ve also been able to get him to stay in the swing for little bits which has been a nice change and allows me to get some things done around here!

Austin isn’t a big fan of the tummy time, but we’re working on it!


He definitely loves his playmat, though!


Generally, Austin is a sweet and adorable little a chunk a monk and we love him very much!


I’d say Jamie is his biggest fan!


By 7 weeks Austin has been giggling, too! He especially loves when you do patty cake with him. It makes him smile everytime! Like his sister he loves getting naked! In fact, one of the first times I heard him giggling was one morning when I was changing his clothes! I think it’s because he’s ticklish under his chin (if you can get there! There are a few chin folds!)

He sleeps ok at night, but truthfully I was hoping for a little bit longer on his long sleep stretch. He typically falls asleep before 10pm. On a good night he doesn’t wake up until 3:30 am, then again at 5:30, and then finally at 8:30 am. Typically he wakes up only twice, thankfully!

In terms of his eating, he is a much slower eater than Jamie. She could eat in ten minutes flat and be satisfied afterwards. Austin sometimes is uncomfortable when he eats and it can seem like he’s in pain. Lately, I’ve started feeding him less, more often, and that seems to be helping him some. However, I don’t think it helps his sleep at night. There are times I know he wakes up only because he’s hungry. He’ll typically fall asleep within minutes/in the middle of of his feeding. I’m trying to feed him more at night so he’ll sleep longer. Let’s keep our fingers crossed he’s sleeping though the night by the time I get back to school! Dr. P said that 80% of infants sleep through the night at 4 months. I don’t want to keep comparing him to Jamie, but well, I’m hoping Austin follows suit!

He’s just so cute when he’s sleeping!



I don’t know what to think about this…

I don’t know what to think about this…


What is this all about??

At just a mere 33 29 years old, I shouldn’t be on the mailing list for an AARP subscription. I’m going to chalk this up to the fact that the owners before us were 90 yrs old and they are confused. That’s the only way I can wrap my mind around it.

I mean, I have been complaining about the abundance of grey hair I’ve acquired this year, but I’m not feeling 55, either.

In honor of my Daddy’s birthday today I think I will pass on the love of the AARP. Oh, and I will give him these carrot cupcakes with cream cheese icing and gold sprinkles I made this afternoon.


On the bright side of things, I should thank the AARP. Cause otherwise I wouldn’t have such a nice gift to give my dad, right?! He’s totally getting a free insulated travel bag. Who doesn’t need one of those??





I haven’t been on the Internets for a few days because I have been in hiding…

You know when your hairdresser tells you not to use box hair dye?

What if I told you one day (Wednesday) I got a little desperate?

Long story short, my hair accidentally got dyed black (by said hairdresser, love you Pedro!) right before I had Austin. It was supposed to be chocolate brown but my pregnancy hormone messed it up, but anyhow I totally tried to embrace it. After a few goth jokes from my loving significant other and my sincere hate for that color on my head, I ran towards a box dye as my solution. I don’t want to trash talk the beauty industry, but it was Garnier Nutrisse, a-hem!

Anyway, when all was said and done it was a disaster!

Imagine the possiblity of a bleached out halo around the head. For instance, most people who dye their hair have roots that they’re trying to hide. However, my hair instantly got bleached out roots from the dye, if that’s even possible. What is weird is that the dye was only supposed to bring my hair up one level of color. How it got bleached is a complete mystery. Needless to say, I was a wreck afterwards. I stayed confined to the house for 36 hours until Pedro was available to fix my hair. I didn’t even take a picture of it because I want no proof of it!!

I did take a pic of my new hairdo, though. Disregard the “Where’s Waldo” attire:


If you look at the top you will see some residual halo effect. Trust me when I tell you it is way better now than it was before. Which is good since I have a full agenda of outings this weekend that require me to leave the house (drinks with my bestie tonight, Dad’s Birthday dinner tomorrow, fancy brunch at the Vinoy on Sunday).

Oh, hair! Who knew you had such power over me to force me into hiding for two days! Wine couldn’t even make it all better! *Gasp!*

Moral of the story: let the professionals do it or look like a crazy person with a muffin top! <———someone's pre-pregnancy jeans may be zipping up without Spanx!!!


Around the world in 80 drinks play date!

Around the world in 80 drinks play date!

In an effort to make things more exciting around here (as in at my house) my friend <a href=";Rhiannon who shall remain anonymous and I have implemented a weekly “Around the world in 80 drinks” play date.

Before you judge, you should know that:

1) I totally snagged that title from a reality show on the food network that I love (“Around the world in 80 plates”).

You should watch it.

2) We’re just tasting, not getting drunk!

A max of 5 oz drank with enough time to metabolize before driving.

3) All children are being supervised properly.

No kids jumping into washing machines while moms swirl the bubbly. Pinky swear!

Look… I can see Austin clearly through my wine glass…



Oh, crap!

Where’s Jamie?!

Kidding! She’s upstairs napping!!

This week it was my turn to host. I chose a white table wine from Italy called Pietro. I thought a nice chilled white wine might be fun for the summer. Also, since my palate is refined to $7.99 box wine I had no idea what the hell I was doing, and Total Wine started getting overwhelming and I had kids in tow. So, what if it was one of the first at the front of the store? You’ll be happy to know that I paid a whole $10.99 for it. That’s definitely an upgrade, if you ask me!


I would be remiss if I did not point out that class was not lost and we did smell the wine before tasting. That is what your supposed to do, right? And, it smelled like…wine. With a hint of fruit. Maybe citrus. No. Wine fruit. It smelled like wine fruit. I also may or may not have smelled cork.

I know. Crazy how much my nose could pick up from that.

Also, you should know that we did NOT spit the wine out. That’s probably the right thing to do, but it just seemed wasteful. We are in a bad economy and all and that would be like throwing away food when people are starving. It just seems wrong, you know?

I will give this wine 1 thumbs up. It gets 1 because I drank it, but it was pointed out by my anonymous mommy friend that it’s not so good warm. (We do have kids to take care of after all, people!) it would also be in your best interest to know that I will drink Natty Light and Boone’s, so take the rating lightly!

Looking forward to next week!