The story of Super Bass

The story of Super Bass

Yesterday, I mentioned that I taught Jamie Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass.

Before you start judging me and calling me a bad mom, you should know that it wasn’t really like that. It’s not like I wrote down all the lyrics and repeated them over and over for her to learn. I would never do that. Ok, well I wouldn’t put it against me, but no, I didn’t do that.

What happened is that in a moment of desperation while trying to get stuff done I put on a little YouTube video for her on my phone. That’s what good mom’s do, right?

So, anyway, after she watched that video she grabbed my hair clip, used it as an air-microphone, and started walking around dancing and “singing” the song. “Singing” is in quote’s cause truthfully I am probably the only person that would understand what she is saying. But, in true mommy fashion, I understand her thanks to wee-bonics.

I have no video of her doing this. I wish I did. That will be my mission for the rest of the week.

I do, however, have a video of Sophia Grace and Rosie singing it on YouTube.

One word.



Rosie is my favorite.


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