Just like I thought…it is a vacation!

Just like I thought…it is a vacation!

I told various people that going from the 200 kids I have at school to just 2 at home was going to be like a vacation.

Matt asked me the other day if I still thought that, even with Austin’s colic issues.

My response is…YES!

I am not discounting the job of being a stay at home mom at all, nor do I think I am amazing at balancing the stay-at-home-mom-gig. It is not easy. However, I do think it is easier than my job. I also feel a greater satisfaction from staying home with my children. I wish staying home with my children was an option, but it really isn’t for us. Well, it could be, but for what we want to accomplish for our future it isn’t.

I will admit that this school year has been a real test for me. It was my first year alone in the program without a co-teacher. It was my first year running the whole program as the director. It was basically my first year where I had to actually prove something as a teacher.

It was hard. I knew before it even started that it wasn’t going to be easy. Then, there was that little monkey wrench when I found out the first week of school that I was pregnant. That made things REALLY HARD. Now, my grey hairs have triplified. <——Ok, I know that’s not a word but it really is the best word to describe my grey hair growth.

I can say whole-heartedly that even though this has been my worst teaching year, it has actually been one of the best years of my profession in terms of accomplishments.

1) I have managed to improve my passing rates on the certification exams from an average of 71% to a whopping 87% (that’s a 16% improvement!).

2) I finished my reading endorsement! (One of the reasons I didn’t blog so much during March and April. I was doing lots and lots of writing to get that endorsement done before Austin arrived. I was able to turn in my portfolio a week early- it was due April 24th. Thank God, since Austin came the 21st!)

3) I prepared 4 candidates (students that I personally selected from my program) for the CDA (Child Development Associate). The CDA has previously only been available to those who were over 18 with a high school diploma and working in a preschool facility. In April 2011, they opened up the CDA to high school students in programs like mine. Only 3 high school students (from a charter school) have successfully been able to achieve the CDA since then. I was able to get 4 girls through the program and interviewed and tested from a representative from Washington D.C. this school year. I may be one of the first public school teachers to get my students the CDA. We will find out in about a week! I was already told from the rep that she was recommending them for their CDA’s. If I pull this off, it would be HUGE!

All this said, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that several times this year I wanted to quit. Teaching in Florida is not exactly the most supportive of environments. My pay hasn’t increased since 2007. Actually, it has gone down, but let’s not go there…

As a child, I used to make “ditto’s” and force my sister to complete them. What? We were playing school and I was the teacher. (Golden Question: Do you know what a “ditto” is??)

I suppose, I’ve always been a teacher. They only thing different right now while I’m on leave is that instead of teaching other people’s teenage and preschool aged children, I’m teaching my own toddler and newborn.

Speaking of teaching my toddler, Jamie was walking around with an air microphone “singing” Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass today.

I’m a totally awesome stay-at-home-teacher, riiighhht??




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