Jamie’s 18 month update

Jamie’s 18 month update

Weight: 26 lb. 10 oz. (77%)
Length: 33.5 in. (89%)
Head: 18.75 in. (74%)

As you can see, Jamie is a big girl now! She’s changing so much everyday, it’s hard to keep up with her!!

Jamie turning 18 months was a big deal for me. I felt sad and happy all at the same time. On the one hand, this is the month that Jamie becomes a big sister. On the other hand, my baby is growing up SO fast!!

At 18 months, Jamie has 4 BIG loves…in order of preference:

1) Daddy

It pains me to say this (ok, not really) but Jamie is a big Daddy’s girl. Don’t get me wrong…I feed Jamie. So at some point she has to come to me, but for the most part, she wants her dad above all else. It’s a sweet relationship and I am secretly thrilled (although don’t tell Matt this). I’m a bit of a Daddy’s girl myself, so I think this is a special relationship that will be with her always.

2) Tinkerbell

I had no idea that the Disney obsessions started this soon, but alas I have a toddler who is obsessed. I mean, truly! If I listed the number of Tinkerbell items Jamie has at this point you would yell at me, or hate me, or something. But honestly, this is the first time that Jamie has expressed a preference for something (besides for her Daddy) and it’s kind of exciting for us. We may or may not have indulged this new interest just a wee itty bitty bit. Ok, fine. The girl’s been spoiled with Tinkerbell items, but you haven’t heard her say Tinkerbell, yet. I can’t even type it out as it’s practically not legible when pronounced by her let alone spelled out, but I’m her mommy so I “know” that’s what she’s saying….Or, at least I hope so, cause that would be pretty funny if this whole time she was saying something else more practical like “crayon,” all the while hundreds of dollars have been spent on Tinkerbell. Ok. That would not be funny!

3) Elmo

What is it with Elmo that every toddler seems to adore him and be able to say his name above and beyond all the other important vocabulary they may need, like “poop?” Yeah. Jamie could say “Elmo” before she could say “poop” and I have to admit I find that weird. Anywho, she loves Elmo. The first balloon she ever received was an Elmo balloon. From here on out balloons are refered to as Elmo. No joke. My daughter correlates all balloons with a red muppet.

4) Boo

If you’ve seen my first child cat, Boo, then you would know why she loves him so. He’s very cute. Ironically, he pretty much lets her do whatever to him. Every morning, I hear her calling Boo into the room. She can even cluck her tongue to get him to come in. What’s funny is that Boo actually indulges her and shows up by the crib every time. It’s adorable. But, what’s more adorable is hearing Jamie yelling at him to “Get Down!” when he jumps up on the table.

What can I say? Jamie is her own little person now. I don’t even know how many words she can say!. She is such a little chatter box- she say’s full sentences, she asks for things/people, and the best part is that she is polite! She says “thank you” to everyone and she uses it appropriately. She also says “please” and just recently learned “excuse me,” which sounds more like “me me.”

Lately, she has started asking me where various family members are. She’ll go down the list…

“Where’s Dada?”



“Uncle Mike?”

“Ma-Ga?” (which is Grandma/Grandpa)

One day I was in the bathroom downstairs and she came running in with her finger to her mouth and slams the door…

“Shhhhhh! What was that?” she says.

It was so funny! It was the garbage truck, by the way!

Another day I saw her walking around her toys calling out, “Paci! Where are you?” It cracks me up to hear her say that not only because she is asking her paci to basically show itself, but also because she sounds like Scooby Doo (where rar roo?)

When Jamie turned 18 months I got her a baby doll to get her ready for her new little brother! I also got her a baby doll pack-n-play and stroller. It’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made! Jamie loves pushing her baby around in the stroller. Every morning she calls out for her baby, “Baby! Where rar roo?” She holds the baby, feeds the baby, drags the baby in the dirt and maybe has tried to flush it down the toilet, too, but it was out of love, I’m sure!!

As Jamie has gotten older she’s become a bit pickier with her eating, but she still eats very well. If she eats all her food, good. If not, I don’t worry about it. Unless she starts to get underweight or have any health issues we’re not going to push the matter. She still loves fruits and veggies. Actually, she LOVES beans, cheese, yogurt (which I freeze- she thinks it’s ice cream), jello, oranges (she asks for them daily), mac & cheese and juice. She eats pretty well and I’m happy that we don’t have any problems with getting her to eat or try new foods.

Jamie still loves to read and this is very exciting for me since both Matt and I read a ton. One thing I’ve noticed is that she is now actively picking out and labeling colors correctly and can match 5 piece puzzle pieces. She knows Purple, Blue, Red, and Yellow very well and for the most part can get the color Green with no problems. We’re still working on Orange and Pink and the other not so obvious colors. She also points out animals and can make the appropriate sounds for many of them, too. She knows duck, bird, cow, pig, cat, and dog. When we’re outside she’ll say “Hi, bird!” and wave to them.

Since I’ve been home with her, I’ve been introducing her to art projects. We’ve been using the color wonder markers and paint. I also got her play dough- which she doesn’t like in her hands, she says, “yucky!”- water colors and paint marker pens. Before my leave, she was introduced to chalk and bubbles by her babysitter and she still enjoys playing with those daily, too. I’m trying my best to keep her occupied as much as possible in creative ways. I can’t wait to start doing some major crafting with her!!

I could go on and on, but I’ll end with saying that Jamie has turned out to be an amazing big sister! I wasn’t sure how she would react since she is so young, but she truly loves her little brother. Honestly, I’m not sure she realizes that he’s staying with us forever, but she’s sweet with him, nonetheless. She likes to give him kisses and hold him. Lately, she wants to feed him and give him hugs, too. She bringing him blankets and when he cries she says, “Uh,oh! Baby!” and comes running to me. I am literally gushing with pride at how good she is with him. I really can’t wait to see how their relationship evolves as they get older and can play together. I’ll end here with a couple of pics of my new little duo.

Jamie’s thinking “What?! That thing is coming home with us??”

Jamie getting a good look once we got home.

*Updated to add that Jamie is wearing mostly 18 month sizes but is transitioning to size 24 months mostly due to length. She is also in size 5 diapers. Like the last few months, Jamie is still really big into dancing! We need to get that girl into dance classes!! Something new she has started doing is singing songs (Twinkle Twinkle, The itsy bitsy Spider, etc). She also acts out parts of her favorite Tinkerbell movie. She is quite the little Drama Queen!!


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