The Birth Story!!!

The Birth Story!!!

I mentioned in previous posts that it was planned that I would be induced a little early for this pregnancy. Due to some complications I had in my previous pregnancy and labor, my practice was trying to push a c-section, but I was able to talk them out of it and get induced instead. We scheduled it for April 19, but due to the baby palooza going on around here, it was delayed for a day, and so I was admitted in the evening of April 20.

Like last time, I am hesitant to give the details. It was another scary labor, so I’ll just give you the condensed version.

The good part was that I was already effaced and so all they had to do this time was help me to dilate. I was at a 2 when I got there and just 10 hours later, I was at a 9.5.

It’s here that the wheels fell of the wagon. After having virtually no pain from a combination of an epidural and demeral, my ob informs me that they are going to shut off my epidural to help me push better to avoid some complications I had with my last labor.

Turn off my epidural!!! Did you know that stuff leaves your body in like 10 minutes or less? Me either, I learned the hard way! Do you know what it’s like to have no build up of contractions and go from zero pain to the pains of contractions at 9.5 cm??? I do and I honestly thought I was going to die!!

So the short of it is:

Once the epidural was out of my system I became a wild screaming and crying animal.

It was scary.


There were other parties involved crying in terror besides myself.

My doctor was nervous and used the word “intense.”

My doctor was also birthing a set of twins at the same time and kept telling me to stop pushing and then would leave the room. At one point I yelled at him to come back and then pushed anyway, and that made him come running back.

I had a huge baby stuck in me.

I thought my pelvic bone was breaking.

Apparently, my pelvic bone was almost breaking.

In the end we welcomed a healthy baby boy to our family! (He looks just like his daddy!)

Austin Matthew Tow
9 lb.  20 1/4 in.
April 21, 2012 at 3:22 pm

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