I shouldn’t have joked yesterday about this house being a shit factory….or throwing up in my mouth. Cause not too long after that post, our shit factory turned into a shit & vomit factory. As in food poisoning for me and Matt.


You know what’s harder than taking care of two under two? Doing it with food poisoning.

It was mothering at my best. The all night chills drained the energy out of me to the point where I couldn’t lift Jamie into her high chair, so I let her eat cookies and juice on the couch cause I couldn’t handle the smell of anything else we usually feed her. I know, right? And then I turned on the tv and was all like, “that’s 90210 baby, you’re going to love it!”

Ok, I didn’t. She watched the Sprout channel all day. But, seriously, what’s the difference? She watched tv all day while I tried to peel myself of the couch, sometimes ground, to feed the baby and change diapers ( another fun task when you feel your insides are boiling.)

I did manage to feed Jamie a good lunch and dinner. Fortunately, my mom came over after a meeting and made us some soup with crackers and got Jamie, who at this point was running around in circles from cabin fever, outside for a little while.

In an effort to make me feel better my mom told me a story about once when she, my dad, and I all had the flu except my sister who was probably in the 1st grade at the time. They weren’t even sure what she did for those three days and all she could make herself was cereal. So, yeah…I guess it does happen to the best of us.

Anyhow, thankfully the day is over and we made it! Still not 100% but we’ve both kept down the little bit of soup with both ate. Let’s hope tomorrow is a better day!

Ps- is it bad that I’m a little excited about possibly having lost more of my baby weight from this? What? Only two more Flu’s/Food poisoning and I’m back in my mom jeans!


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