The story of Super Bass

The story of Super Bass

Yesterday, I mentioned that I taught Jamie Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass.

Before you start judging me and calling me a bad mom, you should know that it wasn’t really like that. It’s not like I wrote down all the lyrics and repeated them over and over for her to learn. I would never do that. Ok, well I wouldn’t put it against me, but no, I didn’t do that.

What happened is that in a moment of desperation while trying to get stuff done I put on a little YouTube video for her on my phone. That’s what good mom’s do, right?

So, anyway, after she watched that video she grabbed my hair clip, used it as an air-microphone, and started walking around dancing and “singing” the song. “Singing” is in quote’s cause truthfully I am probably the only person that would understand what she is saying. But, in true mommy fashion, I understand her thanks to wee-bonics.

I have no video of her doing this. I wish I did. That will be my mission for the rest of the week.

I do, however, have a video of Sophia Grace and Rosie singing it on YouTube.

One word.



Rosie is my favorite.


Just like I thought…it is a vacation!

Just like I thought…it is a vacation!

I told various people that going from the 200 kids I have at school to just 2 at home was going to be like a vacation.

Matt asked me the other day if I still thought that, even with Austin’s colic issues.

My response is…YES!

I am not discounting the job of being a stay at home mom at all, nor do I think I am amazing at balancing the stay-at-home-mom-gig. It is not easy. However, I do think it is easier than my job. I also feel a greater satisfaction from staying home with my children. I wish staying home with my children was an option, but it really isn’t for us. Well, it could be, but for what we want to accomplish for our future it isn’t.

I will admit that this school year has been a real test for me. It was my first year alone in the program without a co-teacher. It was my first year running the whole program as the director. It was basically my first year where I had to actually prove something as a teacher.

It was hard. I knew before it even started that it wasn’t going to be easy. Then, there was that little monkey wrench when I found out the first week of school that I was pregnant. That made things REALLY HARD. Now, my grey hairs have triplified. <——Ok, I know that’s not a word but it really is the best word to describe my grey hair growth.

I can say whole-heartedly that even though this has been my worst teaching year, it has actually been one of the best years of my profession in terms of accomplishments.

1) I have managed to improve my passing rates on the certification exams from an average of 71% to a whopping 87% (that’s a 16% improvement!).

2) I finished my reading endorsement! (One of the reasons I didn’t blog so much during March and April. I was doing lots and lots of writing to get that endorsement done before Austin arrived. I was able to turn in my portfolio a week early- it was due April 24th. Thank God, since Austin came the 21st!)

3) I prepared 4 candidates (students that I personally selected from my program) for the CDA (Child Development Associate). The CDA has previously only been available to those who were over 18 with a high school diploma and working in a preschool facility. In April 2011, they opened up the CDA to high school students in programs like mine. Only 3 high school students (from a charter school) have successfully been able to achieve the CDA since then. I was able to get 4 girls through the program and interviewed and tested from a representative from Washington D.C. this school year. I may be one of the first public school teachers to get my students the CDA. We will find out in about a week! I was already told from the rep that she was recommending them for their CDA’s. If I pull this off, it would be HUGE!

All this said, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that several times this year I wanted to quit. Teaching in Florida is not exactly the most supportive of environments. My pay hasn’t increased since 2007. Actually, it has gone down, but let’s not go there…

As a child, I used to make “ditto’s” and force my sister to complete them. What? We were playing school and I was the teacher. (Golden Question: Do you know what a “ditto” is??)

I suppose, I’ve always been a teacher. They only thing different right now while I’m on leave is that instead of teaching other people’s teenage and preschool aged children, I’m teaching my own toddler and newborn.

Speaking of teaching my toddler, Jamie was walking around with an air microphone “singing” Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass today.

I’m a totally awesome stay-at-home-teacher, riiighhht??




You know you’re an awesome parent when…

You know you’re an awesome parent when…

…you go to the park and put your 20 month old on a revolving seat. You get her nice and dizzy and then let her off the ride. She stumbles around dizzy and giggling and then suddenly falls over with feet straight up in the air (just like in the cartoons)! All the while you find this completely hilarious and can’t stop laughing.

True story.

It sounds worse than it really was.

No children were injured during this poor parenting event.


Officially out of the house!

Officially out of the house!

Friday there were two major milestones for the Tow family!

1) I went on a play date in public with both kids and a double stroller- success!!

2) We had our first family dinner to a restaurant. The horror! However, before you start lecturing me on diner etiquette, you should know we went to a new local pizza/play place called Gatti Town. You know the kind of place where kids are a revolving door of tantrums as parents cut them off from coins and they throw down when they don’t have enough tickets for the nerf gun?

Yeah, so it was all good except the part where they don’t sell alcohol. Throw parents a bone here, people! A little smidge of wine in the cry factory is acceptable and kind of expected. Even Chuck E. Cheese gets that! My point is that if you live in Pinellas County and you are contemplating stopping by this place you are forewarned. At the very least you may want to smuggle in a flask. Not that I’m encouraging that. I’m just sayin…

Anyway, I felt pretty sure this place would not have acceptable healthy foods so I brought an organic veggie pouch for Jamie along with a milk and then let her eat all the Mac & Cheese and pizza she wanted. To say she was excited is an understatement. As soon as she walked in and saw what was going on, she started singing and dancing. When she got a plate of the macaroni and pizza she ate it by herself with a fork and exclaimed after every bite, “yummy!” When she saw the bumper cars, (yes, there are bumper cars there which I might add are located in the “dance section” of the building. What I mean by that is that this pizza place is located where an old club used to be where I may or may not have had a dance off or two, or three…what? Don’t act like you never had a dance off before. Anyway, I will never admit that to Jamie so don’t try to throw me under the bus cause I will deny it!) she would scream “beep, beep!” That’s what we call cars around our place. We’re good like that.

Anyway, you should know that this place is not really for kids under 5. The only acceptable game/ride is a little Carousel that Jamie rode at least 15 times. She got a wild look in her eyes and we were real scared. I kept wondering how the hell we would get her out of there with her being all “spirited” and stuff. Probably didn’t help that I let her have some fruit punch there, too. This she NEVER gets, but I was trying to get out of my comfort zone of controlling everything she eats and drinks (you can’t argue that water and beans are healthy). Anyway, I kept imagining her throwing up copious amounts of red macaroni and pizza. Fortunately, it didn’t happen. Also, in a ninja move, Matt caught Jamie off guard and swooped her out of the crazy cave before she could realize what was going on. This really saved us from dragging her out like a couple of crazies with not enough sleep. Jamie also got a teeny pink puppy for her tickets so I would say it was a win win for all of us.

Yay, for fun family Friday!!

Ps- Austin slept and contributed grumpy faces for the few times he was awake. Good times!!


Wolf vs. Golden Retriever

Wolf vs. Golden Retriever

So, the other day I was listening to the radio and they had people calling in discussing the weird things they do with their sex lives.

One lady called in and said that she likes to role play that she is a wolf.

Ya, I know.

So, the radio host asked why she was a wolf in her role play. Her response was that wolves were “playful and cuddly.”

Now, I don’t want to be a spoil sport here, but that’s not what I was thinking. I mean, aren’t wolves supposed to be scary? I think of them as people eaters. Also, it’s not like all the fairy tales portray them as being friendly. Remember, the wolf tries to get the three little pigs and he eats Little Red Riding Hood’s Grandmother, right?

I think she meant a Golden Retriever. Either that, or she’s Team Jacob and she lives in an alternate Twilight universe.


Austin is 1 month old!!

Austin is 1 month old!!







Length: 22.25 in. (94%)
Weight: 11 lb. 13 oz. (96%)
Head: 15.5 in. (90%)

It’s hard to believe I’ve been a mommy of two for a month already, but alas it is here. The good news is that I made it and we are all alive!!

Being a mommy to two kids under two is not easy, but I don’t really find it stressful, either. It’s actually a lot easier than I imagined, to be honest. I’ve heard that being a parent the second time around is a lot easier because you know what you are doing. That is certainly true. I’m so much more relaxed this time around. The only real problem has been the two back to back colds and the food poisoning. This is the first week I actually feel 100% like myself and I am proud to say that I haven’t relied or needed a nap so much lately. This is a good thing since they rarely sleep at the same time, it’s a luxury I need to learn to let go of.

It’s been amazing being home with both my munchkins. It really is like a vacation after being in charge of 200 other people’s kids a day. I’m still trying to get into a good routine so that Jamie doesn’t go stir crazy here, but I’ve started venturing out with both kids for walks in the double stroller and I’m about to attempt a play date at the mall this Friday. I’ve even managed to get some organizing done around the house. Crazy, right?!

As for Austin, he really is a spitting image of his daddy, possibly even down to the blue eyes. It’s too early to say for sure now, but it looks like Austin’s eyes are going to be blue! So funny, since Jamie has huge dark brown eyes like mine. However, like his sister he was born without eyelashes or eyebrows. Go figure!

As you can see from the stats and the pics, he is one BIG boy! I don’t know how it is I give birth to toddlers, but that seems to be my MO. He wore newborn size clothes in the hospital and has been in 0-3 month sizes ever since. This week he has even worn 3 month size sleepers. He’s also in size 1 diapers. I actually never bought any newborn sizes. He used the ones from the hospital and then jumped right into the size 1’s.

It is funny how two children from the same parents are SO different. I mean, there are some similarities in their features. They have identical profiles, however that is where the similarities end. Obviously, Austin is larger than Jamie ever was. And, I mentioned his eyes are different. But, his hair is also a little lighter. Actually, his hair is falling out at an alarming rate, especially after baths. It won’t be long before he is completely bald.

Austin’s personality is also vastly different from Jamie at this age. He is much more high maintenance as far as needing to be held all the time and crying far more then she ever did. In fact, she rarely cried at all, so it was kind of a shock to us that he cried even with a clean diaper and full tummy. As it turns out, after a conversation with our pediatrician, Austin is a little colicky. The horror! We’ve got what I call a “witching hour” every evening that lasts until around 10-11pm every night. On a bad night, it lasted until 1 am!! I’ve been giving him gripe water these days and will begin chamomile tea at the advice of Dr. P in the very near future.

On the flip side, Austin is a better sleeper and much more snuggly than Jamie was. Austin loves to snuggle to the point that anything on his cheek will make him fall asleep if he’s tired.

Case in point: my fingers…


Austin also makes the funniest sounds! He sounds like a little baby elephant, snorting and squealing. He does it while he’s eating, sleeping, and when he’s awake. It’s kind of silly but I think it’s adorable.

He is such a cutie, and we love him so much already! Jamie is so good with him. Anytime he cries she says, “Uh oh, baby!” In the mornings if he’s still sleeping, she asks where he’s at. She loves to hold him and give him kisses. It makes my heart melt every time.

I can’t believe we are a family of 4 now!


You can do anything in your Spanx…even save a person from a burning building!

You can do anything in your Spanx…even save a person from a burning building!

I got a full 1.5 hour sprint to the mall on Sunday on the pretense I needed to get Austin’s baptismal outfit and some invitations. Can I help it if I pass the Spanx aisle on the way? So, I literally screech to a halt as I consider I could use a few Spanx with pee-holes. Spanx in the summer are not cool in humid Florida if you know what I mean…

First of all and for the record, the Spanx section in Dillard’s at my mall is hella big. There are literally thousands of Spanx. It was a little overwhelming but nothing I couldn’t handle except for the fact that Sara Blakely does not clearly label her package with which Spanx have the pee-hole. Because I’m smart and super classy I was all like “pee-hole” isn’t appropriate labeling so Sara must have put a code word for it on the package, right?

The magical question, though, is what is the appropriate phrase for “pee-hole?”

You don’t know, do you?

Ok, me either. I was sure it was because I’m exhausted and didn’t have enough caffeine in me, but even now I can’t think of anything better..,

“urination station”

“vaginal opening”

“pee-kaboo window”

Yeah…see…pee-hole is the best description, right?!

Alright, so as I contemplate this a lady finally comes to help me.

Lady: “Can I help you find something?”

Me: “Yes, my girlfriends tell me there are Spanx with, you know, pee-holes.” (I’m giggling)

Lady (doesn’t crack a smile): “Over here I have some in the packages. What kind do you want?”

Me: “Whoa! Not these butt enhancing ones. I’ve got plenty of mommy butt.” (giggles)

Lady (doesn’t crack a smile): “Well, you’ll want these high waisted ones, then.”

Me: “Yes! Those are perfect! And, I can’t believe they have pee-holes! Those suckers are hard to pull off, right?!” (giggles)

Lady (obviously has no sense if humor): “Yes. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

Me: “Nope. Just needed Spanx with pee-holes. Thanks.”

Seriously. The lady needs to relax. She sells torture panties with urination stations. Or maybe she was double spankin it with no pee-holes and in that case I totally understand why she couldn’t crack a smile. Been there, done that!

Anywho, I was so excited about my purchase I started talking them up to my mom. I’m all, “Mom, my pre-pregnancy jeans totally fit with these, blah, blah, blah, save the world, blah, blah, puppies for everyone, blah, blah…” when I open the package and find this tucked inside:


At least Sara Blakely has a sense of humor about all this! Who else runs a race in just Spanx and nothing else?! Seems like it would be a little breezy with the pee-hole, though, right?