Book Review- “Swamplandia!”

Book Review- “Swamplandia!”

Ha! I’m late with my own deadline, but I have a great excuse!!!

My sister had her baby early morning, yesterday, and I’m an Aunt!!


Anyway, back to our regularaly scheduled post….


Did anyone read it with me??

Listen, I really, really, really wanted to like this book. I absolutely loved the writing. I loved the way the author spoke to you like she was talking face to face with you. I loved that she was hilarious at some points. I just loved her “regular speak,” if you will.

However, I hated the story. Was it supposed to be happy? I don’t know. I have to admit that I like a happy ending. I mean, life is hard enough. If I’m going to escape it’s going to be an escape into something wonderful and romantic and funny, or at least riveting and exciting. Know what I mean?

The story was sad and not to spoil things (in case you plan on reading it) but a little girl gets raped. And, I have a daughter! I just couldn’t imagine it and it was tough to read! Also, the father is just horrible. Not like an abuser, but definitely not a good dad and this makes me so angry!!

In terms of the characters, however, I will say that even though I didn’t like most of the characters (I only liked 1, ok Vijay was pretty funny, so two.), I have to admit that character development was pretty well done. I really got to know most characters and I do think that is an important element to novels.

Overall, I would have to give it an “eh.”

Good writing, not so good story.

What did you think?



3 thoughts on “Book Review- “Swamplandia!”

  1. I agree – I didn’t like it at all. I wanted to, but no. And even the rape scene – finally something happens and she just skips right over it! Bah.


    1. Yeah, it was kind of weird. That and the fact that she glosses over the dad and what happens with Swamplandia. Then, all of the sudden they are living sort of happliy ever after in a hotel/apt on the mainland?? And WTF was wrong with Osceola! Was she a schizophrenic? I don’t know…it was a strange and not so compelling story.


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