Still here- no baby!

Still here- no baby!

I know I’ve been MIA, but really it’s because I’m a crazy person and haven’t had enough hours in the day to blog. I’ve got over 200 (other people’s) blog posts sitting in my reader to give you an idea of how little I’ve been on the nets these days. The reasons are simple and none of them include having a baby or another kidney stone (thank GOD!!):

1) I had Spring Break last week and so we met up with some of Matt’s family in Cocoa Beach for 2 days.

2) I’m lazy.

3) I tried cleaning my house. Cause, I’m probably one of the few preggo’s who does not nest, so I had to force myself to clean house. Pathetic. But, my husband thanks me (sort of- I may or may not have made a bigger mess trying to “organize” while I cleaned. MISTAKE!)

4) I got Jamie’s 18 month pictures done. Yeah…my baby is 18 MONTHS OLD!! Post on that later…

5) I finally got maternity pics done. I know, I know. This poor baby is definitely getting the second child treatment.

6) I’m very very lazy right now.

7) I’m 9 months pregnant and taking a course more suited for college and it is KICKING MY BIG MOMMY BUTT.

8) I finally got a Baby Central Station set up in my room (code for I’m a terrible mother and in the spirit of the red-headed step-child syndrome, baby #2 does not get a nursery). BUT, he does now have a place to sleep, which is better than the drawer we were going to have to put him in if I hadn’t set up the Baby Central Station. He also has clean clothes (I did 7 loads of baby laundry) and clean burp clothes, towels, bibs, etc. I also put batteries in the bouncy seat for the vibration effect, because every good mom knows that a vibrating bouncy seat is ESSENTIAL <——-Mommy Tip #675. You’re Welcome!

9) Did I mention I’m freaking 9 months pregnant and exhausted as all hell?

10) I read the entire Hungry Games Trilogy because everyone else has and why not? It’s not like I’m sleeping at night and it takes very little effort. You might be thinking that could be a great time to blog, but taking out the laptop, opening it, turning it on and typing is a lot of work. Plus it requires thinking and I am only using brain cells to get me through this class, work, and mommy duties. I’ll post my thoughts on the trilogy soon!

So, as you see it’s not like I’m sitting around eating bon bon’s, although I have been eating a lot of cupcakes lately. That’s what happens when you make a dozen cupcakes for a BBQ that gets cancelled. Plus, I’ll be eating pretty much air and water after I give birth (maybe ice for treats when I’m good) cause I have two family weddings to go to before Jr. even hits 6 months so ya know….better savor the goods while I can.

To keep me accountable to post on here I will tell you that I will post:

1) The book review for Swamplandia, tomorrow. Anyone read it with me? I’ll also post April’s book.

2) About Rhiannon’s shower I helped plan and show some of my crafts on Friday.

3) About Jamie’s 18 month update on Saturday.

4) Give a baby update and show some maternity pics/Baby Central Station pics on Sunday.

5) My thoughts on the Hunger Games (trilogy and movie) on Monday.

Is that fair? Then you’ll be all caught up with my affairs and we can all do the countdown until I am unpregnant again.

PS- is it bad karma to buy those alcohol strips for breast feeding from BRU? I mean, I could really use some wine once Baby gets the boot, but I’m already feeling all guilty with the whole breast feeding thing. Gah! Sometimes I wish I were a man, but with no facial hair and a great sense of fashion. You know, like a gay man.



2 thoughts on “Still here- no baby!

  1. Listen, feed that baby, drink some wine, and baby will be fine. Miller is happier, less moody and a better eater than Holder despite the fact that I was stressed, hot and miserable while pregnant with him and overjoyed while pregnant with Holder. At least you’re waiting until the baby’s born. I’m on #3 and will probably indulge in a sip of wine here and there once I’m in the second trimester. Baby will be fine!!!


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