I’m whooped!

I’m whooped!

People, I am so freaking exhausted these days I’m like a walking pregnant zombie (that has to pee alot).

Example: This morning on my way to work I thought that the road read, “Vagina Dr.” But, really it read, “Virginia Dr.” Which, honestly, makes sense since that’s what the name has been all these years driving to school. I don’t know why today it should be different.

Lately, I’ve been hiding out in my house as much as possible. Mostly because I have a sick toddler and I’m required to, but Matt said that was just an excuse and I think he may be right. I would stay home no matter what. True.

Remember how I had that kidney stone last week? Well, I’m feeling so much better now. Wednesday, I felt wonderful at work for the first time in ages. However, that night Jamie had a fever all.night.long. She had it most of Thursday, too. Matt and I took shifts taking Jamie’s temperature all night long. She was stripped down to a diaper, given some tylenol, and  the cool wash cloth treatment as her fever spiked from 101-102.9.

THEN, on thursday when her fever finally broke (around 3 pm) she got a rash!

Here’s a new piece of mommy advice for my new mommy friends:

Do not refer to Dr. Google for rash’s with fever.

It’s dumb. Oh, and it’s gross, too.

Anywho, it was none of the scary things I saw on google…just a viral rash. Fortunately, the rash did not come back, nor did the fever. However, she did develop a nasty cough over the weekend. By Monday, she got a runny nose. It’s been all kinds of sickly in our house and so as you can imagine I now have a sore throat these last two days. I’m hoping it’s just allergies and nothing real.

Did I mention that I am also taking a reading endorsement class? For the record, it is kicking my arse. If things weren’t changing next year, I would drop out faster than you can say “booger.” However, things are changing and I’ve come so far. So, I will get back to the stupid lesson planning crap (what I’m supposed to be doing right now) as soon as I’m done with more important things- like writing a post on my neglected blog. Priorities, people!!

In the meantime, you should know that life hasn’t been all that terrible. I did finish off Babypalooza on Saturday and I’ve got some crafts to show for it. Expect those tomorrow!



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