Internets, meet my new hobby…

Internets, meet my new hobby…

Just so you know, these were only two-thirds of one of those flats of strawberries. The rest was either consumed or sliced with sugar and put in the freezer.

Also, I lied.

This is not my new hobby. It was too labor intensive for me.

And, since I’m too tired to give you a proper tutorial, I’ll give you my lazy man version.

1) Slice a shit load of strawberries.
2) Add a shit load of sugar and boil.
3) Follow instructions for jarring on the jar box.

Easy peasy (lies)!


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4 thoughts on “Internets, meet my new hobby…

  1. How you had the energy to do this last weekend, I have no idea. I am increasingly convinced that you are superhuman. I feel like all I will want to do is eat and sleep when pregnant. 🙂


    1. Well, I didn’t want them to get bad and my dad drove all the way to Plant City to get them for us! I was exhausted though. And, I’m pretty sure I cried at least once!


  2. I’m VERY impressed. I would have given up half way through. My in laws brought us a flat from plant city, they were awesome because they were consumed on pound cake covered in whipped cream. You never cease to amaze me!


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