Book Review- “A Room with a View”

Book Review- “A Room with a View”

I tried to do this yesterday but the admin side of my blog was down! đŸ˜¦

Let’s get started, shall we? So, what did you think of February’s book?

I have to say that for me it was a great little read. I am a lover of period classics and so this book was right down my alley. If I weren’t a mom and I didn’t have a job and various other duties to attend to I could have finished this book in one afternoon. Overall, I believe it took me 4 hours to read it.

With this said, I realize that the language was difficult and for some this was an obstacle they couldn’t overcome when they read it. I admit that there were times that I could not understand some of the jargon, however my strategy for reading has always been to kind of just keep pushing through the book regardless and I found that this strategy helps me to get through tough reads. I was still able to understand most of the book for the most part, even when I didn’t always 100% understand everything I was reading.

One of the book club members mentioned that there were times when she was confused because the book jumped from one scenario to another quite abruptly. I have to admit that there was one part in the beginning (the part where they are out sight-seeing and then all of a sudden back at the hotel) that did do that and that does make things difficult to understand, however I was able to jump back into the book easily afterwards.

Overall, I think E.M. Forster was an excellent writer for his time. His writing is witty and he did an amazing job with character development. I really thought that I got to know the characters very well in this novel. I have to say that I was very pleased with the story.

I think I’ll give it two thumbs up.

What did you think?


2 thoughts on “Book Review- “A Room with a View”

  1. Ok, so I did download this book onto my Nook and I started it. I got about 50 pages in and I just couldn’t do it anymore! I am not a period piece fan, I don’t mind them but I don’t love them. The language was hard to understand and all the mannerisms were difficult to relate to. It just seems like it would have really sucked to have been a woman back then! So, I did try to read it, do I get credit for that???


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