Elaine’s Baby Shower recap

Elaine’s Baby Shower recap

I’m winding down from TWO showers this weekend! Both were amazing and delicious and fun. Which makes me think….is there some kind of baby boom going on right now? Cause, there are lots of babies being born these days. Maybe it’s just my age, but I swear there is an increase of babies around here. As one of my coworkers pointed out to me today, we are in a bad economy and baby-making is a free past-time. Touche!

I’m knee-deep in planning for the next shower in March so let’s go ahead and recap my sister’s shower in pictures so you can see how it went.

The hostesses with the mostessessessess

The cake set-up…check out the view from the room…

Table set-up…Ironically the centerpiece is turned around in this pic! LOL!

Cookie Favor- these were DELICIOUS!

The baby’s first Tuxedo!

Opening up the Hospital Kit

Doesn’t the Momma look happy?!

A sweet trio

Coming up- Book review on our February book selection. Don’t forget!


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