BabyPalooza Part 3- The New Mom Hospital Survival Kit

BabyPalooza Part 3- The New Mom Hospital Survival Kit

When I was laboring with Jamie, my sister was in the room with us the whole time! About an hour before I was to start pushing, I commissioned my sister to pluck my eyebrows, brush my hair and put a little make-up on me. I know it sounds vain and unnecessary, but it calmed my nerves and made me feel, well not pretty, but prettier for pictures later.

I won’t be able to reciprocate with Elaine. Unless she has the baby in March, I probably won’t even be able to go down to Miami to see the baby in the hospital since I will have my own birthing issues. However, I was able to make her a little kit to take to the hospital with her.

This brings me to the gift I made for Elaine on her shower day. Now, I have to say that I prefer to buy off a registry, not because it’s easier, but because there are items on there that I think the mother needs more than any craft I can make. But, knowing that she would be receiving a lot of clothing and toys and that it would leave out many necessary items from being purchased, I decided that I would make something small for her shower day and then order the left over items on the registry she really needs after the shower.

On Pinterest I found a “New Mom Hospital Survival Kit.” I thought this was perfect for Elaine. She’s kind of type A (no offense, Elaine the Pain), so I thought this may help her bring a few essential items she may not think about, plus a few extra goodies that are helpful.

I went to the link embedded on the pin and was able to get the printables free for the bag. I had white bags, so I chose to print on blue paper.

The printables are in color, so you can print on white paper to get the color part if you so choose. I also glued these printables onto cardstock before attaching to the bag and ribbon on the bag.

I filled the bag with goodies like a Parenting Magazine, snacks, chapstick, lotion, warm fussy socks, hair ties, head bands, and folding flats to wear in the hospital.

Since I am an overachiever, I also knitted my nephew a little beanie cap. See! Look who’s still knitting….HA!

Once everything was in the bag and the printables were attached, it looked something like this…

I won’t be pinning this on my boards as it was not my original idea. However, the original is pinned on my “Baby Shower Ideas” board, if you follow me. You can also get the free printables from that pin.

PS- Don’t forget that if you are following along with the Virtual Book Club, that the end of the month is just right around the corner. I will be posting my thoughts on this month’s book, “A Room with a View,” on Wednesday the 29th!


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