BabyPalooza part 2- the Diaper Cake

BabyPalooza part 2- the Diaper Cake

As promised, here are the pics/tutorial on the diaper cake I made for my sister’s shower.

This was my first time making a diaper cake, so I implored the help of the “Diaper Cake Master”, Rhiannon. You may remember this little beaut from my own shower just a year and a half ago…

To start with I went out with my mom and got a bunch of needed supplies…

1) A HUGE box of size one diapers

2) Lots of rubber bands (I used roughly 125)

3) Yarn or cotton string

4) Ribbon

5) Wooden cake dowels

6) Decorative embellishments (flowers, sparkles, fluffy stuff, etc.)

7) 16 in. diameter round tray


On day 1 of diaper cake making, I rolled 123 diapers with rubber bands.


On day 2 of diaper cake making I started the bottom tier by securing 8 diapers (1 in the middle, 7 surrounding) with string)

Then, I continued wrapping and tying string around the diapers three more times (a row of 13 diapers, followed by a row of 18 diapers, and then a final round of 24 diapers.) Each row was secured with string to hold it together.

The second tier started out the same, but only followed by two rows (1 row of 13 and 1 row of 18) of diapers. I secured the second tier on to the bottom tier by using the wooden cake dowels.

The third and top tier had only 2 rounds of diapers (8 and then 13). Meanwhile, I painted a wooden letter “H” blue with brown polka dots.

Once all three tiers of diapers were secured, I wrapped ribbon around each tier. I secured the ribbon with little bits of hot glue, here and there, making sure to not touch the diapers as much as possible although I am sure that I may have accidentally ruined a couple. I had one fleeting moment when I thought I might use straight pins, but realized how stupid that would be in case my sister tried to pry apart the cake in a frenzy at 3:00 am in desperate need of a diaper. I wouldn’t want my sister or my little nephew to get poked! Anyhow, I digress. I may have ruined a few of the diapers….

I added some poufy things, a flower, and some decorative embellishments that I got from the scrapbooking section and ended up with this!

Just for shits and giggles let’s take a look at it again a little more up close, shall we??

Once again, I’ve added to my “Suzie’s Craft Creations” board on Pinterest.

Up next- New Mom’s Hospital Survival Kit


4 thoughts on “BabyPalooza part 2- the Diaper Cake

  1. Love the new layout! That diaper cake is amazing! I wish the new mom survival kit was posted about 2 1/2 weeks ago, I could have used some tips! Random question, I saw your new sofa in one of the pics, how have you protected it from baby and toddler demolition? We are in need of a new sofa, and Josh was going to order one, then James started spitting up the same day. Josh put the sofa purchase on hold, so I’m looking for tips/bargaining points from you!


    1. Um, that’s really funny Sarah because that couch looks like crap in person! LOL! Anyway, we got it on sale at one of those Rooms to Go specials where you get a free TV with it or something. Jamie didn’t spit up much so we didn’t have that problem, but our cat likes to scratch the hell out of the sides. I know people who put sofa covers on the couch for a bit until the baby stops spitting up. On our old couch I found a really nice $75 cover that molded over the couch perfectly and looked pretty nice (found at Target). Basically you may just have to live with the fact that your house may look a little different while the kids are growing up. We have accepted it and now our living room looks like day care/Toy’s R us threw up in it. We are embracing it! LOL!


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