BabyPalooza part 1 of 316

BabyPalooza part 1 of 316

1 baby shower down, two baby showers this weekend, and about 313 more to go….

Alright, I’m exaggerating but really I have 3 more plus 1 wedding shower to go to before I give birth. That’s like going to 316 more when you are hugely pregnant and out of breath constantly, right?

Anyhow, I promised pics of my sister’s shower and I do have some. Well, not of the actual shower, but I do of the craft items I made. So, let’s start tonight with the centerpieces, tomorrow with the diaper cake, and Friday with the gift I made my sister. Then, hopefully by this weekend I will have rounded up enough pics to show the real goods.

For any of you that know that my sister, you know that she is simple and classic. She wouldn’t want cheesy and though she wouldn’t say anything to me if I did make something cheesy, I wanted to make something that said cute baby shower, but not screamed BABY SHOWER (if that makes any sense). So, I searched all through Pinterest, Etsy, and Google, and believe it or not I found NOTHING that I thought would be appropriate. Then, I searched the deep depths of my creative mind, which is no easy task by the way. The deep depths of my mind is very scary, but somehow I made it out with an idea or two I thought could work if I could find the right materials.

I am totally fine divulging my weaknesses, so I will go ahead and admit that I am not a paper crafter. I don’t really enjoy it or find any pleasure from it, so you won’t find me making scrapbooks (unless they are digital) or my own Christmas cards. Although, I am semi ok with printing out things on pretty card stock, that’s where my limits end.

On Etsy I was able to find these adorable paper baby shower signs on lollipop sticks. I bought three of them, or rather there was only one on sale so I begged the crafter for an additional two and she obliged me for the low low price of $32. I wish I actually took a picture of these before I made the centerpieces, but I forgot…Oh, well! You’ll see in the final product.

My idea was to use these signs in buckets to make a topiary style centerpiece. Originally, I was going to buy plain buckets and paint them blue with brown polka dots, but through a stroke of luck I found at the party store 3 buckets the exact size and color pattern I was looking for!! Throw in a few round floral styrofoam and I was ready to get started!

I had to cut down the styrofoam so that it fit into the bucket about 1.5 inches from the top.

I went to the craft store and found some ribbon and embellishments from the scrapbooking section to add to my bucket for some decoration.

Using a heavy-duty super-duper hot glue gun, I attached the ribbon with an embellishment to the outside of the bucket. I then poked my sign through the middle of the foam (with a little glue to help it stay put) and then glued some spanish moss on top of the foam to make it look like this:

And three makes perfect…

These pictures don’t do them justice, but each centerpiece is about 10 inches tall and fit perfectly in the center of the three 10 top tables we had set up.

Next up- Diaper cake!!

PS- I have pinned this on to my “Suzie’s Craft Creations” board on Pinterest. Happy pinning!


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