Double Trouble

Double Trouble

One thing I haven’t really talked about on here is the fact that my parents have not one, but TWO grandsons due in April this year.

Fortunately, I am not having twins. Cause my back is killing me with just one baby…I can’t even imagine being pregnant with 2. Let alone having three kids under two….Oh.Em.Gee! I just threw up in my mouth a little bit just thinking those scary thoughts.

No. Actually, my little sister is pregnant at the same time and having a boy, too! With due dates about 12 days apart and the fact that I am delivering at 38 weeks means we could have babies at the same time!!!

Here we are in November….I think maybe at 15 and 17 weeks…I don’t know…But, I’m the fatter one…

Tomorrow starts the beginning of Babypalooza with Elaine’s baby shower! I’ve been crafting like crazy and I’ve got lots to show you in the next week, but let’s start with a little sneak peak…the invite!

The theme of the party is blue and brown with polka dots. Since Elaine is being a butt head and not divulging the name, I kept the theme pretty generic with neutral colors and only one monogram (to my dismay) of the letter “H” (for her last name)- it will be shown on the diaper cake at a later date.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the results. I can’t wait to show my first attempt at a diaper cake!

Besides the general excitement I feel at being an Aunt and having a little cousin the same age as my own son, I am also very excited for the chocolate fountain tomorrow.

Chocolate fountain! YESSSSssssss!


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