Where is the LOVE?!

Where is the LOVE?!

I wish I could say that I had a fantastic Valentine’s Day, cause I sort of did. I mean, Matt was super sweet and had the house all nice when I got home. On the kitchen table there were flowers, a balloon (or, Elmo as Jamie calls it), a couple of cards, a mini pez dispenser (which tastes delicious when you are preggers, by the way) and two charms for my Brighton Bracelet (the little boy heart, and a blingy “teacher” spacer).

The bad part was the girl on girl altercation in my 4th period. It didn’t escalate to hair pulling (THANK GOODNESS), however we all know how dramatic girls can be and it appears the drama is ongoing even today….Then there was the girl on gay boy altercation in my 5th period. Yeah, bizarre….I guess everyone in my highschool classes forgot it was a day of love not war.

Throw in lots and lots and lots of sugar for my preschoolers thanks to cupcakes and the Valentine exchange. Then, add a missed playground time to run off some energy. This equals a big time sucky school day. (In case you weren’t sure and thought that was normal).

THEN, there was me trying to make Matt a lovely dinner. I am not a red meat eater and therefore am not very good at cooking red meats, but I bought a couple of steaks and planned on making Matt his favorite. BIG FAIL! Maybe I was still worked up from the days events, but I overcooked the steaks and burned my hand in the process.

Matt ate both chewy steaks like a champ, but I can’t help but feel he deserved a much better Valentine’s Day from me!

Did I mention there are really only 8 more weeks until baby boy gets here and I get some maternity leave?!? I need a break! And, in case you are laughing at me right now because you’re thinking I’m going to have two under two and that doesn’t classify as a break, I disagree! Going from 200 to 2 kids a day is a VACATION, people. Even if I am waking up at all hours of the night. For reals!

In other news, I am gearing up for Baby Shower Bonanza, which starts this Saturday.

Here’s the story: I’m planning two showers, one for my sister on Saturday and one for Rhiannon in March.

Check it:

Feb. 18- Baby Shower for my sister (I’m planning)

Feb. 26- Baby Shower for my friend Erin

Mar. 4- Baby Shower for my friend April and a “Family Celebration/Sprinkle” (more on that later) for me

Mar. 10- Wedding Shower for my cousin Rosie

Mar. 17 Baby Shower for my friend Rhiannon (I’m helping planning this one, too)

Mar. 31- My cousin Rosie’s wedding


I’ve got a few crafts to post next week after Elaine’s shower. I’m so happy with the results I might even pin my own crafts (YES, I am on Pinterest now! Are you happy??)

Oh, wait…what??? My sister is pregnant and due about 10 days before me? Hmmmm….more on that later!


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