Florida State Fair 2012

Florida State Fair 2012

We made it to the State Fair yet another year, and I have to admit that my fried food on a stick mantra was a BIG FAIL! As it turns out, having your stomach smooshed up against your placenta doesn’t make for a good fried food on a stick meal. Dammit!

I was able to eat some pizza, roasted corn, a fried Twinkie and couple of fried Oreos shared with Matt. But, the mere thought of anything else fried on a stick made me feel so nauseous I could barely take this picture:

Check out how delicious the fried Twinkie looks in a chocolate batter with some powdered sugar:

As usual, the good news was that Matt won the bottle game again! He’s won every year for the last 8 fairs. The bad news is that he won the same rasta banana as last year. I won’t bore you with another pic of it, but in case you missed it last year, you can see it here.

This year, the best part was the new petting zoo they had for the kids next to a Circus. We didn’t go see the circus, but we did go in to see the animals in the petting zoo. They had Llamas, a Giraffe…

A Kangaroo…

Some pigs and goats…..

Jamie really loved seeing them, although I was all germaphobe and didn’t let her touch any of them. Yeah, I know…

We had a great time overall. The weather was perfect since it was overcast- warm, but not too hot.

Matt and I bought our usual treats. This year I also bought some herb infused olive oils (my big purchase of the day!)

We’ve got tickets to go back to the fair before it ends next Monday. Maybe I’ll be able to suck it up and eat something else fried on a stick. I swear I’m the only person in the world who actually lost weight from going to the fair. I’m only now feeling better after 2 days. It was like I had a sugar hangover or something. Blah!



2 thoughts on “Florida State Fair 2012

    1. No, my stupid pregnant stomach couldn’t handle it and made flip flops just thinking about it. I’m hoping next trip to the fair I’ll be able to manage a try!


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