In the home stretch- 28 weeks!

In the home stretch- 28 weeks!

27 weeks:

28 weeks:

Well, I am officially in the third trimester! If I didn’t believe I was pregnant before, I certainly do now!

Shall I go through my laundry list of pregnancy woes?


Ok, fine!

Except I will say that this time around my back has been SUPER killing me…the sciatica kind that travels down the leg and makes your knee give out. You know…

Anyhow, I’ve had to take some regular strength Tylenol now and then to get through the pain and that makes me feel guilty, as I don’t like to take anything when I’m pregnant, but I really can’t take the pain right now. It’s baaaaddd! When I saw the pic of my 28 week profile, I was like “Holy Shit, I’m HUGE!” No wonder my freaking back is killing me!

Otherwise, I’m basically on track to gain half the amount of weight I did with Jamie. Yeah! This isn’t saying much since I gained 60 pounds with her, but still. 30 is better than 60, right?

I am getting more and more excited to meet this baby, and yet I’m sad, too! I keep thinking about how drastically Jamie’s little world is going to change and it makes me all teary eyed. Not like I can’t cry at the drop of a hat anyhow. My baby is growing up and pretty soon she’ll get the new responsibility of being a big sister. I hope she likes it, since she’s not really getting any choice in the matter!

It looks like I have 10 more weeks to go. I apparently make large babies. Jamie would have been 9-9.5 lbs had I gone all the way to 40 weeks, and this baby is following suit. At my 23 week appt. the baby was supposed to weigh 1 lb, and he weighed 1.5 lb! As my mom says, there is no such thing as a “tiny Tow.”

With my past history of shoulder distortia (and a very scary labor), they are pushing me for a c-section, but I am begging them to induce me early instead so I can avoid that. They have agreed to letting me have an ultrasound at 36 weeks to double check the size of the baby. If the baby is targeted to be 8.5 lbs or below then they will let me go vaginally at 38 weeks. If he’s bigger, then c-section it is at, well, 38 weeks. Either way this baby will be coming the week of April 15th (unless he makes a surprise appearance before then).

When I was pregnant with Jamie I announced her name on the blog around 18 weeks. You may have noticed that I haven’t done that yet this time. The reason is that we’re not 100% sure, yet!

We’ve narrowed down to:

Austin Matthew


Matthew Thomas, Jr.

I’m letting Matt make the final decision on this one. They are both great names and I will be happy with either one. Hopefully we’ll know by d-day!

On a final note, you should know that this child is getting the typical second child treatment. He will not have a nursery at birth and he is getting lot’s of hand me downs. LOL! We are setting up the pack-n-play in our room and letting him stay there until we figure out if he’s a good sleeper or not. If he is, then he and Jamie will share a room. We’ll re-do the nursery to look more gender neutral and then make our downstairs room a play room. If he’s not, then he will sleep in the downstairs room as far away from Jamie as possible. She’s a great sleeper and we’re not about to ruin that! 🙂

So, there’s the baby update. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m ready for this baby to get here. I feel like I’ve been pregnant for years. Oh, wait…I kind of have been…

PS- I’ve been eyeballing the wine on our baker’s rack. Don’t think I won’t bring that with me in my hospital bag. You know I’ll do it.


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