Super Bowl Pudding Cake

Super Bowl Pudding Cake

I wouldn’t say we had a party on Sunday, but we celebrated the Super Bowl in our own way….Italian Beef and a football cake!

Behold my annual football cake:


It’s a little lopsided this year. Oh, well!

I have to say that unless the Gators are playing (and, yes I know they are not NFL and therefore do not participate it the Super Bowl), I’m not really interested.

I’ll admit that I didn’t even know who was playing until my mom told me. And, then when we were talking about I realized that the Patriots had the cuter quarterback so I rooted for them. Well, “rooted” is kind of relative since I never cheered for them or anything, but I silently hoped the cute side would win. Plus, I hate the Manning boys, so it seemed appropriate.

Anyway, since I didn’t really watch it, I can’t say much about the game. But, Madonna looked pretty good. I am kind of disappointed with her new single since it sounds like it’s on the soundtrack of “Bring it On #20.” I mean, “L-U-V Madonna.” Seriously? The only thing that would have made it better is if she would have torn off her dress and had booty shorts on that said “I L-U-V Jesus” during “Like a Prayer.” Ah, well. A girl can dream.

Anywho…back to that cake. A few years ago we had a real Super Bowl party where I think I may have (although highly unlikely) cared about who won. I made my annual football cake, however I don’t think I left it in the oven long enough. The reason I think that is because one of the girls at the party comes up to me and says, “Oh my gosh, Suzanne, I love the cake! How did you get the pudding in the middle?”

Since I didn’t put pudding in the cake I was a little confused. And then it hits me that the pudding is actually raw cake batter.


Thankfully no one died of salmonella poisoning.

For the record, this year I really did put pudding in it. Or, did I?



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