Elaine’s Baby Shower recap

Elaine’s Baby Shower recap

I’m winding down from TWO showers this weekend! Both were amazing and delicious and fun. Which makes me think….is there some kind of baby boom going on right now? Cause, there are lots of babies being born these days. Maybe it’s just my age, but I swear there is an increase of babies around here. As one of my coworkers pointed out to me today, we are in a bad economy and baby-making is a free past-time. Touche!

I’m knee-deep in planning for the next shower in March so let’s go ahead and recap my sister’s shower in pictures so you can see how it went.

The hostesses with the mostessessessess

The cake set-up…check out the view from the room…

Table set-up…Ironically the centerpiece is turned around in this pic! LOL!

Cookie Favor- these were DELICIOUS!

The baby’s first Tuxedo!

Opening up the Hospital Kit

Doesn’t the Momma look happy?!

A sweet trio

Coming up- Book review on our February book selection. Don’t forget!


BabyPalooza Part 3- The New Mom Hospital Survival Kit

BabyPalooza Part 3- The New Mom Hospital Survival Kit

When I was laboring with Jamie, my sister was in the room with us the whole time! About an hour before I was to start pushing, I commissioned my sister to pluck my eyebrows, brush my hair and put a little make-up on me. I know it sounds vain and unnecessary, but it calmed my nerves and made me feel, well not pretty, but prettier for pictures later.

I won’t be able to reciprocate with Elaine. Unless she has the baby in March, I probably won’t even be able to go down to Miami to see the baby in the hospital since I will have my own birthing issues. However, I was able to make her a little kit to take to the hospital with her.

This brings me to the gift I made for Elaine on her shower day. Now, I have to say that I prefer to buy off a registry, not because it’s easier, but because there are items on there that I think the mother needs more than any craft I can make. But, knowing that she would be receiving a lot of clothing and toys and that it would leave out many necessary items from being purchased, I decided that I would make something small for her shower day and then order the left over items on the registry she really needs after the shower.

On Pinterest I found a “New Mom Hospital Survival Kit.” I thought this was perfect for Elaine. She’s kind of type A (no offense, Elaine the Pain), so I thought this may help her bring a few essential items she may not think about, plus a few extra goodies that are helpful.

I went to the link embedded on the pin and was able to get the printables free for the bag. I had white bags, so I chose to print on blue paper.

The printables are in color, so you can print on white paper to get the color part if you so choose. I also glued these printables onto cardstock before attaching to the bag and ribbon on the bag.

I filled the bag with goodies like a Parenting Magazine, snacks, chapstick, lotion, warm fussy socks, hair ties, head bands, and folding flats to wear in the hospital.

Since I am an overachiever, I also knitted my nephew a little beanie cap. See! Look who’s still knitting….HA!

Once everything was in the bag and the printables were attached, it looked something like this…

I won’t be pinning this on my boards as it was not my original idea. However, the original is pinned on my “Baby Shower Ideas” board, if you follow me. You can also get the free printables from that pin.

PS- Don’t forget that if you are following along with the Virtual Book Club, that the end of the month is just right around the corner. I will be posting my thoughts on this month’s book, “A Room with a View,” on Wednesday the 29th!


BabyPalooza part 2- the Diaper Cake

BabyPalooza part 2- the Diaper Cake

As promised, here are the pics/tutorial on the diaper cake I made for my sister’s shower.

This was my first time making a diaper cake, so I implored the help of the “Diaper Cake Master”, Rhiannon. You may remember this little beaut from my own shower just a year and a half ago…

To start with I went out with my mom and got a bunch of needed supplies…

1) A HUGE box of size one diapers

2) Lots of rubber bands (I used roughly 125)

3) Yarn or cotton string

4) Ribbon

5) Wooden cake dowels

6) Decorative embellishments (flowers, sparkles, fluffy stuff, etc.)

7) 16 in. diameter round tray


On day 1 of diaper cake making, I rolled 123 diapers with rubber bands.


On day 2 of diaper cake making I started the bottom tier by securing 8 diapers (1 in the middle, 7 surrounding) with string)

Then, I continued wrapping and tying string around the diapers three more times (a row of 13 diapers, followed by a row of 18 diapers, and then a final round of 24 diapers.) Each row was secured with string to hold it together.

The second tier started out the same, but only followed by two rows (1 row of 13 and 1 row of 18) of diapers. I secured the second tier on to the bottom tier by using the wooden cake dowels.

The third and top tier had only 2 rounds of diapers (8 and then 13). Meanwhile, I painted a wooden letter “H” blue with brown polka dots.

Once all three tiers of diapers were secured, I wrapped ribbon around each tier. I secured the ribbon with little bits of hot glue, here and there, making sure to not touch the diapers as much as possible although I am sure that I may have accidentally ruined a couple. I had one fleeting moment when I thought I might use straight pins, but realized how stupid that would be in case my sister tried to pry apart the cake in a frenzy at 3:00 am in desperate need of a diaper. I wouldn’t want my sister or my little nephew to get poked! Anyhow, I digress. I may have ruined a few of the diapers….

I added some poufy things, a flower, and some decorative embellishments that I got from the scrapbooking section and ended up with this!

Just for shits and giggles let’s take a look at it again a little more up close, shall we??

Once again, I’ve added to my “Suzie’s Craft Creations” board on Pinterest.

Up next- New Mom’s Hospital Survival Kit


BabyPalooza part 1 of 316

BabyPalooza part 1 of 316

1 baby shower down, two baby showers this weekend, and about 313 more to go….

Alright, I’m exaggerating but really I have 3 more plus 1 wedding shower to go to before I give birth. That’s like going to 316 more when you are hugely pregnant and out of breath constantly, right?

Anyhow, I promised pics of my sister’s shower and I do have some. Well, not of the actual shower, but I do of the craft items I made. So, let’s start tonight with the centerpieces, tomorrow with the diaper cake, and Friday with the gift I made my sister. Then, hopefully by this weekend I will have rounded up enough pics to show the real goods.

For any of you that know that my sister, you know that she is simple and classic. She wouldn’t want cheesy and though she wouldn’t say anything to me if I did make something cheesy, I wanted to make something that said cute baby shower, but not screamed BABY SHOWER (if that makes any sense). So, I searched all through Pinterest, Etsy, and Google, and believe it or not I found NOTHING that I thought would be appropriate. Then, I searched the deep depths of my creative mind, which is no easy task by the way. The deep depths of my mind is very scary, but somehow I made it out with an idea or two I thought could work if I could find the right materials.

I am totally fine divulging my weaknesses, so I will go ahead and admit that I am not a paper crafter. I don’t really enjoy it or find any pleasure from it, so you won’t find me making scrapbooks (unless they are digital) or my own Christmas cards. Although, I am semi ok with printing out things on pretty card stock, that’s where my limits end.

On Etsy I was able to find these adorable paper baby shower signs on lollipop sticks. I bought three of them, or rather there was only one on sale so I begged the crafter for an additional two and she obliged me for the low low price of $32. I wish I actually took a picture of these before I made the centerpieces, but I forgot…Oh, well! You’ll see in the final product.

My idea was to use these signs in buckets to make a topiary style centerpiece. Originally, I was going to buy plain buckets and paint them blue with brown polka dots, but through a stroke of luck I found at the party store 3 buckets the exact size and color pattern I was looking for!! Throw in a few round floral styrofoam and I was ready to get started!

I had to cut down the styrofoam so that it fit into the bucket about 1.5 inches from the top.

I went to the craft store and found some ribbon and embellishments from the scrapbooking section to add to my bucket for some decoration.

Using a heavy-duty super-duper hot glue gun, I attached the ribbon with an embellishment to the outside of the bucket. I then poked my sign through the middle of the foam (with a little glue to help it stay put) and then glued some spanish moss on top of the foam to make it look like this:

And three makes perfect…

These pictures don’t do them justice, but each centerpiece is about 10 inches tall and fit perfectly in the center of the three 10 top tables we had set up.

Next up- Diaper cake!!

PS- I have pinned this on to my “Suzie’s Craft Creations” board on Pinterest. Happy pinning!


Double Trouble

Double Trouble

One thing I haven’t really talked about on here is the fact that my parents have not one, but TWO grandsons due in April this year.

Fortunately, I am not having twins. Cause my back is killing me with just one baby…I can’t even imagine being pregnant with 2. Let alone having three kids under two….Oh.Em.Gee! I just threw up in my mouth a little bit just thinking those scary thoughts.

No. Actually, my little sister is pregnant at the same time and having a boy, too! With due dates about 12 days apart and the fact that I am delivering at 38 weeks means we could have babies at the same time!!!

Here we are in November….I think maybe at 15 and 17 weeks…I don’t know…But, I’m the fatter one…

Tomorrow starts the beginning of Babypalooza with Elaine’s baby shower! I’ve been crafting like crazy and I’ve got lots to show you in the next week, but let’s start with a little sneak peak…the invite!

The theme of the party is blue and brown with polka dots. Since Elaine is being a butt head and not divulging the name, I kept the theme pretty generic with neutral colors and only one monogram (to my dismay) of the letter “H” (for her last name)- it will be shown on the diaper cake at a later date.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the results. I can’t wait to show my first attempt at a diaper cake!

Besides the general excitement I feel at being an Aunt and having a little cousin the same age as my own son, I am also very excited for the chocolate fountain tomorrow.

Chocolate fountain! YESSSSssssss!


Where is the LOVE?!

Where is the LOVE?!

I wish I could say that I had a fantastic Valentine’s Day, cause I sort of did. I mean, Matt was super sweet and had the house all nice when I got home. On the kitchen table there were flowers, a balloon (or, Elmo as Jamie calls it), a couple of cards, a mini pez dispenser (which tastes delicious when you are preggers, by the way) and two charms for my Brighton Bracelet (the little boy heart, and a blingy “teacher” spacer).

The bad part was the girl on girl altercation in my 4th period. It didn’t escalate to hair pulling (THANK GOODNESS), however we all know how dramatic girls can be and it appears the drama is ongoing even today….Then there was the girl on gay boy altercation in my 5th period. Yeah, bizarre….I guess everyone in my highschool classes forgot it was a day of love not war.

Throw in lots and lots and lots of sugar for my preschoolers thanks to cupcakes and the Valentine exchange. Then, add a missed playground time to run off some energy. This equals a big time sucky school day. (In case you weren’t sure and thought that was normal).

THEN, there was me trying to make Matt a lovely dinner. I am not a red meat eater and therefore am not very good at cooking red meats, but I bought a couple of steaks and planned on making Matt his favorite. BIG FAIL! Maybe I was still worked up from the days events, but I overcooked the steaks and burned my hand in the process.

Matt ate both chewy steaks like a champ, but I can’t help but feel he deserved a much better Valentine’s Day from me!

Did I mention there are really only 8 more weeks until baby boy gets here and I get some maternity leave?!? I need a break! And, in case you are laughing at me right now because you’re thinking I’m going to have two under two and that doesn’t classify as a break, I disagree! Going from 200 to 2 kids a day is a VACATION, people. Even if I am waking up at all hours of the night. For reals!

In other news, I am gearing up for Baby Shower Bonanza, which starts this Saturday.

Here’s the story: I’m planning two showers, one for my sister on Saturday and one for Rhiannon in March.

Check it:

Feb. 18- Baby Shower for my sister (I’m planning)

Feb. 26- Baby Shower for my friend Erin

Mar. 4- Baby Shower for my friend April and a “Family Celebration/Sprinkle” (more on that later) for me

Mar. 10- Wedding Shower for my cousin Rosie

Mar. 17 Baby Shower for my friend Rhiannon (I’m helping planning this one, too)

Mar. 31- My cousin Rosie’s wedding


I’ve got a few crafts to post next week after Elaine’s shower. I’m so happy with the results I might even pin my own crafts (YES, I am on Pinterest now! Are you happy??)

Oh, wait…what??? My sister is pregnant and due about 10 days before me? Hmmmm….more on that later!