My random life and why you can go ahead and call me Betty

My random life and why you can go ahead and call me Betty

I have been in a weird obsessive state these days.

Don’t worry. Nothing crazy. Just knitting. And, knitting. And, knitting….why blog when I can knit?

Behold a baby afghan and matching hat….

And before you’re all like, “Oh, my gosh! How does she do it? Works full time, takes care of her child, blogs, plans multiple baby showers, almost finished with her reading endorsement, takes teenagers to Orlando this weekend (yeah), and knits her first two projects with multiple colors (and lace at that!)?!?!?”….

Ok, I know you weren’t thinking that.

My point here is that it took me almost two years to finish these. I started in May 2010 when I was pregnant with Jamie. These were supposed to be for her.

Well, maybe the next baby will love them?

Anyhow, I’m on a knitting kick and now working on my next project – baby hat with bear ears! Cute!

Well, we’ll see….obviously, you shouldn’t hold your breath.

Anyhow, while I’ve been getting my knit on, life has continued. This weekend I will be taking 5 teenagers to Orlando. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know this is an annual thing I do for the club I sponsor (Future Educators of America). I hate it and love it all the same. I mean, taking 5 teenagers anywhere that isn’t home to their parents is no fun. However, I do enjoy the conference in general, and there is usually good food. Not to mention that hotel room I get Yes, you heard right. Now, if only I got to sleep in and even sleep well (since I’m constantly nerve-wracked one of my students is off finding boys are drinking alcohol while I’m asleep) it could actually be a little slice of heaven for two nights. But, not really. Oh, well. I’ll relish the alone time and bring my knitting along.

OH, and I can’t forget to mention my other new obsession these days….Downton Abbey. Anyone else watching that? Between the knitting and the masterpiece theater series I’m watching with a target audience of 50-60 year old women, I’m downright sexy these days. Throw in the baby belly and I’m pretty sure Matt throws up in his mouth a little bit every time he sees me on the couch knitting baby hats and watching PBS.

Speaking of baby belly, mommy-butt has made an appearance…it could be worse, though, as cankles could be here, too. So, yeah. Mommy-butt is back. HOWEVER, I would like to mention for all the internet to know that this mommy-butt can still go down a kiddie slide. Did you hear me?? One day at the park Matt got a little worried that my mommy-butt was going to get stuck in the middle of the slide and Jamie would catapult out of my lap, but for the record, it was a smooth ride down. Smooth, I tell you. Smooth like BUTTER….

I’ll leave you with that visual.

I know.

You’re welcome.


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