The important stuff

The important stuff


I have no idea what’s happening in the real world. But, I can tell you that according to Katy Perry, Russell Brand was a “crazy husband.” I can also tell you that Beyonce and Jay Z $1.3 million to seal themselves off from the public in the hospital where they delivered their baby girl.

I know, right!

You must me think me an idiot, but therein lays the randomness of this blog. In an effort to try and streamline this blog and find my “niche” (the key to successful blogging apparently) I tried to find the foundation of my thoughts. And basically what I figured out was that my brain is a random mess, anyhow. There’s no way I can streamline my thoughts into writing something practical…like maybe into something about the move of education from brick and mortar to online. Or how some countries hate us, or maybe the origin of the moon. This morning I heard something briefly on the radio about soldiers desecrating a dead body, and then I changed it promptly….but Britney Spears looking extra slim these days….ding, ding, ding! Let me check that out on the nets when I get home/work.

Anyhow, in an effort to get about as controversial as I’m willing to get on this blog, let me just say that I think that my thought process makes me a freaking genius!

Some might call me naive, but I like to call it “freshly optimistic” or a “romantic,” of sorts.

For instance, Matt might come home and say, “Hey, did you hear about the teenager who killed her parents because they would let her date this guy? Crazy, right?”

Me: “No….oh! Look at Lily cuddling over there with Boo! Isn’t that so cute!”


Matt: “Hey, Suzanne! Come here and look at what happens to a car if it hits a tree after it hydroplanes.”

Me: “No thanks, but I was thinking we may need to talk to the hospital about sealing off our labor room when baby boy is born…you know. For safety reasons.”

Wait!? See, I do think about important things! My baby’s safety is very important, right?

When you’re “freshly optimistic” about life you don’t sit around and worry that another country wants to bomb yours or that the end of the world might be coming up before the year is up, or anything else serious like that. Instead you can search google for DIY home improvement ideas and cute party favors for your sisters baby shower without any worries.

Honestly, I think that’s why I look so young. *cough*

By the way, there is one thing bothering me these days. What’s with these conspicuous gray hairs that keep growing straight out of my head? Can anyone tell me why they must grow in the opposite direction of the rest of “naturally” color-enhanced hair? Or why instead of coming out straight like the rest of my hairs, they are wirey and unruly? Now, that is something to worry about…

PS- In “for real, for real” important things happening in my life I would like to mention that after testing students for their certifications last week to work in a preschool, I found out that we got an 83% passing rate! That’s HUGE for me! The highest passing rate EVER here at Tarpon and I deed it ahhh by my self!!


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