2011, over and out!

2011, over and out!

So, today is the first day of 2012 and I have to admit it has been an interesting one here in the Tow house.

1) Downstairs bathroom sink keeps backing up to a disastrous level which is scarily close to flooding our downstairs. Not good. 😦

2) Jamie peed in the potty again. Good! 🙂

Is this a sign of the new year to come? Seems like we have some bathroom issues…

As I reflect back on 2011, I can officially say that it was a great year. We had some ups and downs, but the biggest thing is that we survived an entire calendar year as parents successfully.

In January last year, I listed these items as possibilities for the year 2011:

  • Matt and I will be embarking on the journey of parenthood. Jamie will be 1 before the year is up and she’s going to learn to do so many amazing things…like eat real food, crawl, walk, and talk!- check!
  • I’m moving up career wise. I will be moving into the position of my dreams! The teacher I co-teach with is retiring (sad!), which I’m not happy about, but it means that I will be taking over and directing the preschool. You don’t understand… ever since I took these classes in high school I thought it would be a perfect job for me, and now it is my job! I’m not sure many people can say they have their dream job, but I can! – check! (although, it is not quite as perfect as it looked like from the other side.)
  • Matt’s on the road to recovery. No more surgeries! By this summer he will be like brand new again!!! – check!
  • The Tow Agency is doing awesome and expecting to add to their staff by the end of the year! – (doing awesome, but no new staff members)
  • Matt and I are getting new carpet and a new “grown up” bedroom set! (I’m not sure he knows that, but he will now…) – check!
  • I think my BFF Holly is moving back home and I can’t wait!!! – check!

Overall, those are pretty dead on predictions for the year. This year, I’m predicting it to be the “Year of the Potty and Poo.” No joke. Between changing two sets of poopy diapers and then trying to potty train Jamie before the end of the year, we’re talking a lot of crap. Hopefully, I don’t get crazy and actually post pictures of pee pee in the potty. But, honestly you never know with me. Fair warning.


Now for a recap of the year 2011:

In January, I begrudgingly and tearfully went back to work. Jamie also giggled for the first time, and I attempted to grow sea monkeys. *shivers*

In February, Jamie celebrated her first Valentine’s Day and first trip to the State Fair . Jamie also got her first two teeth had her first bites of solid food.

By March, I had fed my lovely 6 month old a paper towel, published some articles on Yahoo’s Associated Content, and tortured same 6 month old baby with peas.

In April, I actually unknowingly got pregnant (and lost it). Matt turned 37. We also celebrated Jamie’s first Easter, gave Jamie dog toys to play with., and I gained a new appreciation for tankini’s.

In May, Jamie got baptized on the same day I celebrated my first mother’s day! Jamie also grew two more teeth.

By June I finally got my craft on. Jamie also got put in Baby Jail.

July was the Tow Family’s first family road trip to the Key’s. I stole banana’s from Target and I flew all by myself with a 9 month old to visit our Illinois family. Oh, yeah….I turned 29 again.

In August, pervy neighbor moved. I double-spanked it for a night…and I found out I was pregnant (again) just in time for school to start again.

In September, Jamie turned 1!! I met Ramona and I finally solved the mystery of the Mcpizza.

October brought the news that we are having a SON next year!

November was the month I broke the code for the Youthberry Tea recipe I’d been trying to figure out. Jamie also ate her first Thanksgiving (Her actual first Thanksgiving she was still a newborn, remember?)

Finally, December. The month I actually lose my cool with the high school students and wish for another job. Jamie meets Santa and pees in the potty for the first time. Not to mention Christmas.


Cheers to 2012! (Now let’s hope the Mayan’s weren’t right and 2012 doesn’t mark the end of the world!)



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