Resolutions- Check!

Resolutions- Check!

Since I’ve been sick since Christmas morning…I know, good grief….I’ve decided to just steal my resolutions from Christina Applegate, who is, well you know, AWESOME.

As stolen from her twitter handle:

christina applegate

@1capplegatechristina applegate
My resolutions are to be a better friend, to raise my baby to be grateful and kind, and to lose this fucking baby weight
The only thing I might change is to add “be a better wife.” See, Matt. I do love you…
Speaking of twitter, I’ve now got at least 10 whole new followers just because of my last blog post title.
I think it’s really sweet that @Felisaxxxx from “porn-videos-online”, @demetricexxx from “see-me-naked”, and another nice lady who claims “i-give-bjs8” all find me interesting. Thanks for the follow ladies!
*Note to self- just because it sounded funny in my head, doesn’t mean it belongs on the internets. Lesson learned.*


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