Confirmed: I have a penis inside me

Confirmed: I have a penis inside me

We went for another big ultrasound where it was confirmed that we are 100% still having a boy. I mean, I believed them the first time, but you hear so many horror stories of people finding out later it was wrong and then there was the whole thing that we found out at 14 weeks…Anyhow, we can all breathe a sigh of relief that we are having a son!

I have been so awful about documenting this pregnancy like I did with Jamie. He’s already getting the red-headed step-child treatment, poor thing!

I can say (again) that this pregnancy has been so different from Jamie’s. I haven’t gained nearly as much weight was I had Jamie at this point. Although, Thanksgiving and Christmas are helping me catch up. Let’s just say I’ll be pulling things back a notch once the New Year begins. Not a diet per say, but definitely no more cookies.

Here I am at 19 weeks (cause I forgot to do 18 weeks):

20 weeks (Beware: I look like hell here…I was SUPER exhausted that day):

And finally, 22 weeks on Christmas Eve:

I already had a gestational diabetes test and all came out well. I’ll have another test in January (the joys of being insulin resistant). I’m still on the metformin and will continue it until the start of the third trimester at the end of January. I can’t believe we are getting so close!

In preparation, I have bought some baby items and picked out a new nursery theme for the shared room Jamie and her little brother will have. I thought about putting them in separate rooms, but with two rooms upstairs (one being ours) and one downstairs, I just couldn’t visualize having a child a whole floor away from me at night. So, they will be sharing until we either move (which is what I hope happens first) or one of them is old enough to sleep downstairs without me staying up all night wondering if they are in their beds.

I have a list of less than ten items needed for this baby. Mostly just clothes, since I have all pink and purple girly clothes. But, there’s also the crib and dresser. You know…important stuff. I’ll get it done, I hope. At least we have the pack n play ready for the first few months of his life which gives us some time. I should probably add diapers to the list, too…

I really haven’t been craving any specific items this time. I mean, sweets are great as always, but chips have been extra tasty this time, too. I can go a whole day feeling nausea, but then eat Spicy Doritos and literally feel like a million dollars afterwards. Funny how your taste buds change when your pregnant.

Thankfully, my cankles have not made an appearance, yet. However, I have had some pretty nasty charlie horses that have been keeping me up at night. I’ve started drinking some Gatorade at night to get some potassium (since I really can’t stand bananas) and it has made a huge difference! Let’s hope I can keep them at bay the rest of the pregnancy!

All this said, I have to say that I am thrilled to reach the next chapter of my life to be a mom of 2! I still can’t believe I’m having a son, but I’m excited about the new adventure. Even so, I would be lying if I didn’t mention that I am a little nervous having 2 under age 2. I worry about Jamie and the level of attention she’ll get from me. She’s the center of my universe right now, and I really hope that I can shift things only slightly enough that there is room for two and that I don’t neglect one of my babies! I just keep reminding myself that there are women who do it all the time successfully, and that for Jamie to have a sibling is as much a gift to her as it is to Matt and myself!


4 thoughts on “Confirmed: I have a penis inside me

    1. Thanks, Angelle! That was perfect! It is a strange set of emotions, but I know it will work out…I mean, everyone else is doing it just fine, right?!


    1. Sarah, I really hope you aren’t putting whipped cream on your chips. Otherwise, I’m going to have to come to VA for a chip intervention… 🙂


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