Jamie is 15 months old!!

Jamie is 15 months old!!

Height: 32.50 in (96%)
Weight: 25.5 lb (84%)
Head: 46.6 in (73%)

I still can’t believe my baby is a toddler now, but as you can see from the pictures…well, she’s a toddler.

Jamie’s stats are still pretty close to what they’ve been since birth, except for her weight! She’s definitely starting to thin out, and I knew it because she’s been wearing 18 month clothes and size 4 diapers since she was about 10-11 months old. That’s a record time for Jamie in clothes sizes! Although she remains tall and can fit into some 24 month outfits, they are still a little baggy on her.

Jamie is an extremely active child. She loves to run around and play and giggle. I’m chasing her around the house most of the time. She’s very curious and gets into almost everything. She likes to crawl up the stairs and has now learned how to slide down them. In fact, she looks like Spider Man sliding down the stairs. It’s pretty hilarious and nerve-wracking at the same time. We NEVER let her do this alone!

She absolutely loves dancing and music. Her favorite song is Selena Gomez’s “Love you like a love song.” Think I’m making it up? Put that song on around Jamie and watch her face light up as she starts dancing. She LOVES it! She’s definitely getting into dance classes as she soon as she turns 2. She’s a natural dancer.

Jamie also still loves books and reading. Sometimes I swear she is babbling little stories to herself as she flips through the pages. It’s very adorable. She also enjoys stacking blocks with Daddy.

To say that Jamie is a talker is truly an understatement. She is a Chatty Cathy to the max! In fact, just right before Jamie turned  15 months, on Dec. 23rd,  Jamie started using sentences. She says, “What’s that?” and “Mommy, no!” some words Jamie uses:

“NO!” (she’s perfected this one with dirty eyes and all)

“Bye, byeeeee!”

“Bye everybody!”

“Hi, baby!”




“Thank you” (sounds like “tay too”)





“Pawpaw” (sounds like baba)


“Pee pee”


She loves to greet people and say good-bye to them. She also blows kisses and even learned how to shush with her finger on her mouth. When Dr. P told me she was developmentally advanced I said, “It’s ok, Dr. P., you can go ahead and tell me she’s a genius I won’t tell anyone.” LOL (j/k). But seriously, this child is a genius!

She has learned so much in the last three months. For instance, she loves to brush her teeth on her own and knows that the toothbrush goes in her mouth. She knows a hair brush is to brush hair and has even been known to try and brush my hair with the cat brush. Ironically, she has never tried this on Matt. Interesting…At the grocery store she tries to take things out of the cart to put on the belt. I don’t know where she learns all this stuff. It is truly incredible how much children learn and at such a fast pace.

We also introduced a new show to Jamie, “Super Why.” If you haven’t heard of this show, it is truly amazing. Jamie doesn’t watch a lot of tv, but when we found out our 2 yr old nephew knew all the letters in the alphabet by sight and out of order, upper and lower case, and sounds too we were astounded. So we tried it out on Jamie and that very same week after watching 3 episodes she was sounding out letters!

Jamie is the light of our life and makes us laugh so much. She’s a happy, fun loving, smiley little girl and we are so thrilled to be her parents. We can’t wait to see what the next three months will bring…after all, Jamie will be a big sister just a couple of weeks after turning 18 months! Phew!


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