D-Day has come and gone…with no casualties!

D-Day has come and gone…with no casualties!

I mentioned in an earlier post that there was a finite number of days before wringing the necks of one of my precious students.

I’m here to say that I am not in jail, so it appears like I made it to the 16th without any casualties.

However, I didn’t exactly make it without incident. Instead I chose to use psychological torutre to get them were it hurts.

With Fashion.

The short of it is that I threatened the girls with ugly sweat pants. You are probably wondering how sweat pants could scare the bejeesus out of teenage girls. But, I’m here to tell you that it works.

Basically, I got tired of the girls looking like street hookers in fish-net tights and the random use of my school computers for searches on “boyfriend jackets.” I also got tired of the nasty attitudes and arguments, so to make it simple I was just going to hand them ugly sweat pants and force them to wear them if they wanted to get their participation points for the day.

To be fair, the conversation didn’t sound as rational as it does now on this post.

It actually went something more like this (and by the way I was screeching in a high-pitched voice with frizzy hair and cookies down the front of my shirt-totally not joking about that either…I found cookie crumbs in my bra, yesterday. Not proud about that.):

Me: “One of the preschool mom’s told me yesterday that her son came home saying he saw “booty” from one of the high school students.”

Students: *giggles*

Me: “It is NOT FUNNY! Keep this up, or else!”

Obnoxious student: “Or else, what?”

Me: ” OR ELSE…I will…make you…wear UGLY SWEAT PANTS. That’s right! And they won’t say “Juicy” on the bottom, either. They’ll be from WALMART!”

Students: *gasp!*

I made it another calendar year without hurting any of my students.



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