10 Things I wanted for Christmas as a kid, but didn’t get…and still want…

10 Things I wanted for Christmas as a kid, but didn’t get…and still want…

In honor of Mama Kat’s pretty much world famous Writer’s Workshop

10. A carebear

I know it seems like everyone had these. I think I had a small figurine of one, but I never actually had a stuffed, cuddly carebear. I’m pretty sure I coveted “Funshine Bear” if I remember right. Anyhow, many children I know have received carebears from me, and Jamie will be getting one before she’s two I’m sure. Love me those Carebears. They’re just so cuddly and caring. You know what I mean?

9. A My little Pony castle

My neighbor, Nora, had one. And it was, well….AWESOME. 😦
Ok, I don’t really still want one, but maybe I’ll get one for Jamie one day so I can make sure she doesn’t have a My Little Pony Castle complex when she grows up.

8. A popple

My sister had one of these….I think I got a gremlin instead. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I took very good care of my gremlin and made sure he never got wet or ate after midnight. But still, he was no popple. A funky cute monster thing that rolls up into a ball. It doesn’t get any better than that when your 7 years old.

7. A pound puppy

To be fair, I did have a couple of the mini pound puppies, but not a full size. What’s a girl got to do for a full size pound puppy around here?

6. Teddy Ruxpin

A Teddy bear that comes to life when you shove a tape into its back. No. On second thought, I didn’t want that. Creepy.

5. The Game of Life

Yeah…I don’t know what my fascination is with this game, but I satisfied my childhood trauma with my own game when I became an adult.

4. Lite Brite

My neighbor, Megan, had one of these and it was SO cool! I’m also pretty sure it almost burned her house down one day. Seriously, what was HAsbro thinking when they gave kids electricity to play with? Whatever. It was cool and I wanted one. Boo!

3. Betsy Wetsy

Oh, wait. I have a real life one of these now. Only her name is Jamie Wetsy.

2. Barbie Dream House

Damn my neighbor, Nora, and all her awesome toys! I have to admit I used Nora for her My Little Pony Castle and the 3 giant Barbie Dream Houses she had. That bitch (j/k). Why did she get to have all the fun?? She had the barbie corvette, too. Yeah!

1. Easy Bake Oven

All I can say, is that this is the one thing I absolutely cannot wait to get Jamie when she’s old enough. Everytime we go to Toy’s R Us I check out the age on it, like maybe one day it will say “Suitable for children 14 months and up.” Obviously, I’m still living in a dream world. Can we say Easy Bake Oven Competitions? Yep. No joke. I take the Easy Bake Oven, VERY SERIOUSLY. And, I am overbearing. Maybe I will devote this blog solely to easy bake oven projects in the future. You never know. Also, doesn’t the new easy bake oven look so much cuter than the 80’s counter part? Just sayin!!

2011 version:


8 thoughts on “10 Things I wanted for Christmas as a kid, but didn’t get…and still want…

  1. I had to tell you that I had that very Barbie Dream House, and the remote control corvette, and the swimming pool, and the Barbie fashion store, and the winnebago, and Ken, and Skipper, oh and the Barbie dog, which was an afgan hound…but, there were no other girls around my age in the neighborhood who wanted to play Barbies with me so, when I was lucky, my older brother would have his GI Joes attack the Barbie dream house. Needless to say, when I no longer played with all that stuff, I cleaned it all up and sold it for a kingly sum of 30 bucks to some woman who saw our yard sale on the way the her 8 year old nieces birthday party. My mother thought I had gone mad, and I felt good, even to this day, about the low low price that I let it all go for.

    I love your blog by the way, and congratulations on your pending arrival.


    1. Oh, Leigh! I would have been your best friend for sure if I lived in your neighborhood. The most I got were barbie cases. We never got the dream house, corvette, the winnebago or anything fun liek that. Actually, now that I think about it we may have had some kind of barbie hottub thing that made bubbles? Vague memory…I’ll have to check into that one.


  2. I remember Popples! I think my sister had one too. I did love me some Pound Puppies, did you know they have a new cartoon of it? I think I actually had a few Carebears and at least one Carebear Cousin!


  3. I always wanted Hungry Hungry Hippos…my stupid cousins had it, and NEVER wanted to play! I also wanted a Snoopy Snow Cone Machine, but my ex-husband did get me one for Christmas years ago- it was everything I thought it would be!


  4. I had pretty much all those except the Barbie Dream House and Teddy Ruxpin.. I did not care for him! My nephew had him though. I just bought Lauren the Easy Bake oven 🙂


    1. So jealous about the Easy Bake Oven! I saw a man buy one for his daughter yesterday and I swear I stared just one minute too long to be creepy!


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