Too much on my plate

Too much on my plate

I’ve got too much on my plate…and no I’m not talking food. Although, I will admit that I was a bit horrified surprised by my jump in weight after the Thanksgiving holidays. I’m going to attribute that to my mother-in-law’s delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies, and my sister-in-laws to-die-for peanut butter kiss cookies as well.

Somehow, I’ve managed to fill my dance card a little too full. You know when you think you’ve got everything under control and then suddenly you’re at the finish line and and your brain is screaming, “RETREAT, RETREAT.” or “ABORT, ABORT!”

Yeah. That’s me.

It’s making for some very poor blogging.

That, and the lack of wine.

I miss wine…..

So, I bought myself this early Christmas present. And, frankly, it’s only the best Christmas present I’ve ever gotten. Well, that may be an exageration (That Michael Kors purse and wallet from Mom Tow is a pretty close second this year), but for $14.99 it doesn’t get any better than this! Some of you may think it’s selfish to get yourself a Christmas present, and I will venture to say it probably is, but I couldn’t resist it and it was the last one at the store. Plus, I did already finish Jamie’s toy shopping and I’m waiting until the after Christmas sales for Matt (his idea, not mine….but he wants a ridiculously expensive shirt from Nordstroms, so he’ll have to wait for the sale).

Anywho, I digress.

My present.

Here it is.

Um, what?

OMG! It’s a tree that holds wine rings as decorations. It’s totally a decoration and practical as well. I’m pretty sure every wine drinker needs one. It’s not like I bought myself the sock monkey cover for a wine bottle (although I’m pretty sure that’s next on my list on things I want but don’t need.)


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