Resolutions- Check!

Resolutions- Check!

Since I’ve been sick since Christmas morning…I know, good grief….I’ve decided to just steal my resolutions from Christina Applegate, who is, well you know, AWESOME.

As stolen from her twitter handle:

christina applegate

@1capplegatechristina applegate
My resolutions are to be a better friend, to raise my baby to be grateful and kind, and to lose this fucking baby weight
The only thing I might change is to add “be a better wife.” See, Matt. I do love you…
Speaking of twitter, I’ve now got at least 10 whole new followers just because of my last blog post title.
I think it’s really sweet that @Felisaxxxx from “porn-videos-online”, @demetricexxx from “see-me-naked”, and another nice lady who claims “i-give-bjs8” all find me interesting. Thanks for the follow ladies!
*Note to self- just because it sounded funny in my head, doesn’t mean it belongs on the internets. Lesson learned.*


Confirmed: I have a penis inside me

Confirmed: I have a penis inside me

We went for another big ultrasound where it was confirmed that we are 100% still having a boy. I mean, I believed them the first time, but you hear so many horror stories of people finding out later it was wrong and then there was the whole thing that we found out at 14 weeks…Anyhow, we can all breathe a sigh of relief that we are having a son!

I have been so awful about documenting this pregnancy like I did with Jamie. He’s already getting the red-headed step-child treatment, poor thing!

I can say (again) that this pregnancy has been so different from Jamie’s. I haven’t gained nearly as much weight was I had Jamie at this point. Although, Thanksgiving and Christmas are helping me catch up. Let’s just say I’ll be pulling things back a notch once the New Year begins. Not a diet per say, but definitely no more cookies.

Here I am at 19 weeks (cause I forgot to do 18 weeks):

20 weeks (Beware: I look like hell here…I was SUPER exhausted that day):

And finally, 22 weeks on Christmas Eve:

I already had a gestational diabetes test and all came out well. I’ll have another test in January (the joys of being insulin resistant). I’m still on the metformin and will continue it until the start of the third trimester at the end of January. I can’t believe we are getting so close!

In preparation, I have bought some baby items and picked out a new nursery theme for the shared room Jamie and her little brother will have. I thought about putting them in separate rooms, but with two rooms upstairs (one being ours) and one downstairs, I just couldn’t visualize having a child a whole floor away from me at night. So, they will be sharing until we either move (which is what I hope happens first) or one of them is old enough to sleep downstairs without me staying up all night wondering if they are in their beds.

I have a list of less than ten items needed for this baby. Mostly just clothes, since I have all pink and purple girly clothes. But, there’s also the crib and dresser. You know…important stuff. I’ll get it done, I hope. At least we have the pack n play ready for the first few months of his life which gives us some time. I should probably add diapers to the list, too…

I really haven’t been craving any specific items this time. I mean, sweets are great as always, but chips have been extra tasty this time, too. I can go a whole day feeling nausea, but then eat Spicy Doritos and literally feel like a million dollars afterwards. Funny how your taste buds change when your pregnant.

Thankfully, my cankles have not made an appearance, yet. However, I have had some pretty nasty charlie horses that have been keeping me up at night. I’ve started drinking some Gatorade at night to get some potassium (since I really can’t stand bananas) and it has made a huge difference! Let’s hope I can keep them at bay the rest of the pregnancy!

All this said, I have to say that I am thrilled to reach the next chapter of my life to be a mom of 2! I still can’t believe I’m having a son, but I’m excited about the new adventure. Even so, I would be lying if I didn’t mention that I am a little nervous having 2 under age 2. I worry about Jamie and the level of attention she’ll get from me. She’s the center of my universe right now, and I really hope that I can shift things only slightly enough that there is room for two and that I don’t neglect one of my babies! I just keep reminding myself that there are women who do it all the time successfully, and that for Jamie to have a sibling is as much a gift to her as it is to Matt and myself!


Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!

We had a beautiful sunny Christmas in Florida! Throughout the week leading up to the big day, we had temperatures in the 80’s! It was perfect weather for long walks and wagon rides.

On Christmas Eve, I hosted dinner at our house. My parents, my sister and brother-in-law, and Matt’s brother and his fiance were all in attendance for a big meal. And, I mean BIG meal. Because apparently I have a gift for making LARGE quantities of food. I made a whopping 10 pounds of mashed potatoes (can we say overestimated needed amount of potatoes). Thankfully, I was able to use leftovers to make a shepherd’s pie this week. The menu for our Christmas meal included:

Ham, mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn souffle, rolls, green beans, and a broccoli rice casserole.

For dessert we had rum cake, chocolate cream pie and an assortment of cookies from my cookie exchange the Wednesday before. Thanks ladies for some super delicious cookies!

On the evening of Christmas Eve, Jamie bestowed upon us a most wonderful gift…

Jamie pee-peed on the potty! Ha-Ha! Believe it or not, I have had a potty in the bathroom since Jamie was 6 months old and was able to sit-up. I wanted her to see it there and recognize it as something she will use. So, it’s sat there and every time I give her a bath or we are in the bathroom I have her sit on the potty. That night while my sister and I were getting Jamie ready for her big bath before Santa came, I sat her on the potty and Jamie actually peed in it! I took pictures of the said ah-hem pee in the potty, but I will spare you the mellow yellow and keep it for Jamie’s baby book. Think I can get Jamie potty trained by 18 months to avoid two in diapers?  Yeah…pipe dream. I thought so, too…

On Christmas morning, Jamie bestowed upon us yet another gift. She slept until 11 am! No joke! I thought for sure something terrible happened, but as it turned out she was just being a very good little girl and letting mommy and daddy sleep in and wake up before getting her out of bed. It was WONDERFUL!

In the morning Jamie opened her presents. Santa brought her an air ball popper, Hokey Pokey Elmo, the Laugh and Learn Purse, and a Leap Frog Fridge magnet game with the alphabet.

Grandma & Grandpa Tow sent Jamie a puzzle, a Fisher Price corn popper, and the Laugh and Learn Home.

Nana and Pawpaw gave Jamie mega blocks, a Gund Peek-a-Boo bear, clothes and puzzles.

Tia and Uncle Amir gave Jamie some clothes and a little vacuum that actually sucks up paper (can we say help cleaning the floors, woo-hoo!)!

Uncle Mike and Jackie gave Jamie a Toy Story horse that makes galloping sounds.

Jamie is in toy heaven! It actually looks like Toys R Us threw up in our living room. Scary. It just won’t clean up as much as I will it to do it on its own. Bah!

PS- those xmas pj’s pretty much had to be painted on to Jamie’s body. It was touch and go there for a while, but my sister and I managed to get them on to her so she could have cute Christmas morning pictures. I know. I’m a sick woman.


Jamie is 15 months old!!

Jamie is 15 months old!!

Height: 32.50 in (96%)
Weight: 25.5 lb (84%)
Head: 46.6 in (73%)

I still can’t believe my baby is a toddler now, but as you can see from the pictures…well, she’s a toddler.

Jamie’s stats are still pretty close to what they’ve been since birth, except for her weight! She’s definitely starting to thin out, and I knew it because she’s been wearing 18 month clothes and size 4 diapers since she was about 10-11 months old. That’s a record time for Jamie in clothes sizes! Although she remains tall and can fit into some 24 month outfits, they are still a little baggy on her.

Jamie is an extremely active child. She loves to run around and play and giggle. I’m chasing her around the house most of the time. She’s very curious and gets into almost everything. She likes to crawl up the stairs and has now learned how to slide down them. In fact, she looks like Spider Man sliding down the stairs. It’s pretty hilarious and nerve-wracking at the same time. We NEVER let her do this alone!

She absolutely loves dancing and music. Her favorite song is Selena Gomez’s “Love you like a love song.” Think I’m making it up? Put that song on around Jamie and watch her face light up as she starts dancing. She LOVES it! She’s definitely getting into dance classes as she soon as she turns 2. She’s a natural dancer.

Jamie also still loves books and reading. Sometimes I swear she is babbling little stories to herself as she flips through the pages. It’s very adorable. She also enjoys stacking blocks with Daddy.

To say that Jamie is a talker is truly an understatement. She is a Chatty Cathy to the max! In fact, just right before Jamie turned  15 months, on Dec. 23rd,  Jamie started using sentences. She says, “What’s that?” and “Mommy, no!” some words Jamie uses:

“NO!” (she’s perfected this one with dirty eyes and all)

“Bye, byeeeee!”

“Bye everybody!”

“Hi, baby!”




“Thank you” (sounds like “tay too”)





“Pawpaw” (sounds like baba)


“Pee pee”


She loves to greet people and say good-bye to them. She also blows kisses and even learned how to shush with her finger on her mouth. When Dr. P told me she was developmentally advanced I said, “It’s ok, Dr. P., you can go ahead and tell me she’s a genius I won’t tell anyone.” LOL (j/k). But seriously, this child is a genius!

She has learned so much in the last three months. For instance, she loves to brush her teeth on her own and knows that the toothbrush goes in her mouth. She knows a hair brush is to brush hair and has even been known to try and brush my hair with the cat brush. Ironically, she has never tried this on Matt. Interesting…At the grocery store she tries to take things out of the cart to put on the belt. I don’t know where she learns all this stuff. It is truly incredible how much children learn and at such a fast pace.

We also introduced a new show to Jamie, “Super Why.” If you haven’t heard of this show, it is truly amazing. Jamie doesn’t watch a lot of tv, but when we found out our 2 yr old nephew knew all the letters in the alphabet by sight and out of order, upper and lower case, and sounds too we were astounded. So we tried it out on Jamie and that very same week after watching 3 episodes she was sounding out letters!

Jamie is the light of our life and makes us laugh so much. She’s a happy, fun loving, smiley little girl and we are so thrilled to be her parents. We can’t wait to see what the next three months will bring…after all, Jamie will be a big sister just a couple of weeks after turning 18 months! Phew!


D-Day has come and gone…with no casualties!

D-Day has come and gone…with no casualties!

I mentioned in an earlier post that there was a finite number of days before wringing the necks of one of my precious students.

I’m here to say that I am not in jail, so it appears like I made it to the 16th without any casualties.

However, I didn’t exactly make it without incident. Instead I chose to use psychological torutre to get them were it hurts.

With Fashion.

The short of it is that I threatened the girls with ugly sweat pants. You are probably wondering how sweat pants could scare the bejeesus out of teenage girls. But, I’m here to tell you that it works.

Basically, I got tired of the girls looking like street hookers in fish-net tights and the random use of my school computers for searches on “boyfriend jackets.” I also got tired of the nasty attitudes and arguments, so to make it simple I was just going to hand them ugly sweat pants and force them to wear them if they wanted to get their participation points for the day.

To be fair, the conversation didn’t sound as rational as it does now on this post.

It actually went something more like this (and by the way I was screeching in a high-pitched voice with frizzy hair and cookies down the front of my shirt-totally not joking about that either…I found cookie crumbs in my bra, yesterday. Not proud about that.):

Me: “One of the preschool mom’s told me yesterday that her son came home saying he saw “booty” from one of the high school students.”

Students: *giggles*

Me: “It is NOT FUNNY! Keep this up, or else!”

Obnoxious student: “Or else, what?”

Me: ” OR ELSE…I will…make you…wear UGLY SWEAT PANTS. That’s right! And they won’t say “Juicy” on the bottom, either. They’ll be from WALMART!”

Students: *gasp!*

I made it another calendar year without hurting any of my students.



10 Things I wanted for Christmas as a kid, but didn’t get…and still want…

10 Things I wanted for Christmas as a kid, but didn’t get…and still want…

In honor of Mama Kat’s pretty much world famous Writer’s Workshop

10. A carebear

I know it seems like everyone had these. I think I had a small figurine of one, but I never actually had a stuffed, cuddly carebear. I’m pretty sure I coveted “Funshine Bear” if I remember right. Anyhow, many children I know have received carebears from me, and Jamie will be getting one before she’s two I’m sure. Love me those Carebears. They’re just so cuddly and caring. You know what I mean?

9. A My little Pony castle

My neighbor, Nora, had one. And it was, well….AWESOME. 😦
Ok, I don’t really still want one, but maybe I’ll get one for Jamie one day so I can make sure she doesn’t have a My Little Pony Castle complex when she grows up.

8. A popple

My sister had one of these….I think I got a gremlin instead. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I took very good care of my gremlin and made sure he never got wet or ate after midnight. But still, he was no popple. A funky cute monster thing that rolls up into a ball. It doesn’t get any better than that when your 7 years old.

7. A pound puppy

To be fair, I did have a couple of the mini pound puppies, but not a full size. What’s a girl got to do for a full size pound puppy around here?

6. Teddy Ruxpin

A Teddy bear that comes to life when you shove a tape into its back. No. On second thought, I didn’t want that. Creepy.

5. The Game of Life

Yeah…I don’t know what my fascination is with this game, but I satisfied my childhood trauma with my own game when I became an adult.

4. Lite Brite

My neighbor, Megan, had one of these and it was SO cool! I’m also pretty sure it almost burned her house down one day. Seriously, what was HAsbro thinking when they gave kids electricity to play with? Whatever. It was cool and I wanted one. Boo!

3. Betsy Wetsy

Oh, wait. I have a real life one of these now. Only her name is Jamie Wetsy.

2. Barbie Dream House

Damn my neighbor, Nora, and all her awesome toys! I have to admit I used Nora for her My Little Pony Castle and the 3 giant Barbie Dream Houses she had. That bitch (j/k). Why did she get to have all the fun?? She had the barbie corvette, too. Yeah!

1. Easy Bake Oven

All I can say, is that this is the one thing I absolutely cannot wait to get Jamie when she’s old enough. Everytime we go to Toy’s R Us I check out the age on it, like maybe one day it will say “Suitable for children 14 months and up.” Obviously, I’m still living in a dream world. Can we say Easy Bake Oven Competitions? Yep. No joke. I take the Easy Bake Oven, VERY SERIOUSLY. And, I am overbearing. Maybe I will devote this blog solely to easy bake oven projects in the future. You never know. Also, doesn’t the new easy bake oven look so much cuter than the 80’s counter part? Just sayin!!

2011 version: