Dooms Day

Dooms Day

It’s like Groundhog’s day around here and it’s not even February.

Most of my days now involve me yelling things like this to my scissor obsessed preschooler and a few of indignant high school students:

“K! Go back to your table!”

“Why are you in the classroom? You’re supposed to be in the preschool!”

“K! I told you to put the scissors downs and go to your table.”

“No, it’s not lunch yet; go back to your table.”

“Why are you in the preschool? You’re supposed to be in the classroom.”

I know. It’ doesn’t sound right when I type it on here. Your’re wondering why I’m complaining. I’m telling you I say these things multiple times in less than 5 minutes.

My scissor fiend is becoming a problem. I’ve had to hide all the scissors. I’m ready to tie him to a chair.

My high school students are just plain defiant these days. They are everywhere they are not supposed to be. If I were paying them I would fire them for insubordination. Can you fire high school students who are your students? Just checking…

I’ve been able to keep my cool thus far. But, I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out before I scream at the top of my lungs and the students become afeared. Very, very afeard.

So, I worked out a formula, and it’s not looking good people.

If you can’t read this the doom’s day date is December 16, 2011. Just shy of 1 day until winter break. Not good news.

(5 days in a school week- 3% salary cut* x cube root of pregnancy hormone + 1 week until Thanksgiving – 6 months until EDD squared divided by 180 school days)

In case you are wondering, I did complete this assignment at school. I mean, if Rick Scott can take away 3% of my salary plus give me more job duties, I’m pretty sure I can devote 3% of my work day to such shenanigans as chatting it up with my co-workers, hanging out at the vending machines, blogging, reading blogs, shopping, playing games on my new iPhone 4s, etc…..

Am I right, or am I right? Riggghhttttt.


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