Really, Monday? Really?

Really, Monday? Really?

What happens when a really tired person (from working the Art Harvest ALL weekend) wakes up on a Monday morning?


1. She wakes up late. Not late enough to actually make her late, but enough to stress her out all morning.

2. They close up a whole block of US 19, which indeed does make her late to school.

3. She trips walking back to her classroom carrying a box that literally has three sheets of paper in it. (the box literally weighs less than the giant pregnant-mommy boobs she’s sporting right now- no kidding around here!)

4. She has to go to the clinic and Principal’s secretary to embarrassingly explain how she literally tripped over her own two feet walking back to class with a feather light box.

5. She ends up having to go to the Worker’s Comp clinic and sit for 2 hours because now her damn foot is all swollen up and shooting pains up her leg.

6. The clinic can’t do an x-ray because she is pregnant, so they give her an ugly looking foot shoe and bandage and put her on moderate duty after she endures their lecture on poor choice of shoe that morning (meaning she can only walk 15 minutes every hour- Ha! Like that’s going to happen with 25 preschoolers, 200 high school students and a 1 yr old running around at home…).

Tuesday better be nicer to me. That’s all I’m sayin.


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