It’s like I could be the President of the United States (ok, not really)

It’s like I could be the President of the United States (ok, not really)

Wouldn’t it be funny if I became President?

“And there would be free pedicures for all!”

Ha! Alright, enough funny business. Obviously, it would be impossible for me to become President. But, I do feel like I’ve accomplished some impossible tasks this week. So, that makes becoming President closer in my reach.

For instance, I have finally figured out the formula for making the perfect Teavana’s Youthberry iced tea. I know what you’re thinking. The answers are, “No, I’m not kidding,” and “Yes, this is important to all man-kind.” Or, at least it’s important in my man-kind. You’re probably also thinking, “Not tea again.” But, you see my mall opened up a Teavana right here across the street from my house. That means I’ve been drinking samples. When I had their Youthberry iced tea, I fell in love. It is so refreshing and actually quenched my thirst. A problem I’ve been having during this pregnancy is constant thirst. But, it has taken me months to figure out how to get the damn tea to taste just like the stores. Poor sales people there! I’ve bugged them about once a week to get their secret recipe, but I actually figured it out on my own yesterday. Suckas!!

Second on my list accomplishments this week is my novel. That’s right! I actually started writing a novel. I’m 1689 words in, and even though I’ve gotten farther than this on other projects in the past, this time is different. I have joined NaNoWriMo this month. The whole month of November I’ll be writing at least 1667 words a day. The goal is to write 50,000 words by the end of the month. Can I do it? I hope so….I need to get this book out of my head and onto paper (or screen) asap!

Presidency, here I come!


6 thoughts on “It’s like I could be the President of the United States (ok, not really)

    1. I bought a cheap Mr. Coffee iced tea brewer, set it to the strong brew setting and added LOTS of brown cane sugar to the jug….almost one cup. Then I added 1/4 cup of the youthberry tea, plus 3/8 cup of the orange blossom tea…all loose leaf. It is delish!! 🙂


  1. Watch out world-here she comes! This is totally random, but with my insurance, I get a private nurse who comes and visits me each week. She told me not to drink loose leaf yea from Teavana because the mixes vary and some things in the loose leaf tea can cause pre-term labor. They also told me not to vacuum for the rest of my pregnancy-ha! So I guess she maybe a little over zealous, but just wanted to pass that on.


    1. Good to know! I will check into it, but I’m pretty sure the youthberry is safe. It’s got no caffeine and isn’t mixed with anything, but I’ll be on the look out! No vacuuming the rest of your pregnancy? That’s awesome….you should write a big note on your fridge to let Josh know that he’s in charge of that now due to DOCTOR’S ORDERS! LOL!


  2. FYI- I know I’m super late (almost a year?!) to this thread but I was goggling the safety of drinking the Teveana Wild Youthberry/Orange Blossom tea while pregnant and only the hibiscus in it is dangerous to pregnant women. I’m not sure how much of the hibiscus they put in the tea mixture. Since it has been almost a year, did you run into any issues drinking the tea? I’m 4.5 months along and addicted to that tea!!


    1. Hi and welcome to my blog! To be honest, I did drink the tea but not consistently and not really that much. However, my child is nice and healthy! My friend is the GM for Teavana here in Florida and she drinks tea throughout her entire pregnancy and her kids are healthy, too. Either way, I’d probably still consult your OB and see what he/she thinks. Congrats on your pregnancy!


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