Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Jamie had a busy Halloween this year! She dressed up as a lady bug (big surprise!) It started last Wednesday at our monthly mommy dinner with a little Halloween party. Jamie and the kids got dressed up and exchanged treats while the mommy’s had dinner and chatted.

This was the best pic I could get of all the kids….don’t miss the spiderman in the back!

On Thursday, we had a Halloween parade at the preschool. Matt brought Jamie to school so she could join in on the festivities. They walked through a few buildings and showed off their costumes. Jamie got lots of good treats for her Daddy!

Tonight, we took it easy at Nana and Pawpaw’s house to give treats to the trick or treaters. For some reason we never get any trick or treaters at our house! 😦 Jamie got to hang out with her buddy Ty and have some of nature’s candy (apples). I know! I’m one of THOSE moms. She’s too young for candy this year, but maybe next year she’ll get some! 🙂 At least we didn’t pass out raisins and toothbrushes to the kids….

While I’m at it, I’ll post my first “spooky” belly pic. I didn’t start early on with this pregnancy like I did with Jamie, cause honestly I’m still in disbelief that I’m actually pregnant…so, behold my first belly pic at 14 weeks…

Check out this awesome shirt my friend Erin made me for Halloween!

I know all pregnancies are different, but this time is 1000 times different than with Jamie. I’m way sicker, way more tired and well a lot thinner (thank GOD!). I’ve managed to gain 0 pounds so far in the first trimester. Let’s cross our fingers I can keep up the good work. I can’t get as big as last time. Plus, I’ve got two weddings to go to next year!

I still can’t believe I’m having a boy. My sister got me some peepee teepee’s (for the sprinkling weewee- their words, not mine!). Can’t wait to try them out in about 6 months! LOL!


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