Just doodoo

Just doodoo

Mystery of the day:

I was trying to get the attention of one of the preschoolers who was staring very intently at his hands. He had marker all over one and a conspicuous brown spot in the middle of the other hand.

I handed him a baby wipe and tried talking to him again.

He looked up at me, shrugged his shoulders and simply said,

“It’s just doodoo.”

I still don’t know where said “doodoo” came from.


Life’s little reminders

Life’s little reminders

Just when I’m about to lose it and I threaten my high school kids with ugly sweat pants, (I’ll explain in another post), one of of my students brings me a gift…


Yes, that’s a stone Gator coaster (side note- how do you like my fall placemats?) There are four of them. She said that she saw them this weekend and thought of me. Thought of me! Can you believe it?

Thats a lesson to me that even when I feel like I’m talking to the wall sometimes, I am making a difference and/or impact in at least one student.

Who would have thunk?


16 weeks!

16 weeks!

I’ve made it to 16 weeks and finally starting to feel better. I keep forgetting to weigh myself lately, but I’m sure I’ve gained a little because I’ve finally started feeling hungry again!

This pregnancy has been so different. I know they say every pregnancy is different, but I had no idea just how different. With Jamie I could eat to feel better, but this time around eating makes me feel worse. I was so happy to get into the second trimester just so I could feel semi-normal again. I still have some bad days, but there are more good than bad lately. Yippee!!

I have actually been feeling this little one move since 11 weeks. I didn’t think this was possible, but when I was at the Doctor’s one day they told me that the position of the baby and the “very little fat” I had on my belly was making this possible. (I swear to God she said that about my belly fat, I practically snorted it was so hilarious. I’m sure she was just being nice…)

The other exciting news is that after my 14 week ultrasound, I was taken off restrictions. I didn’t mention this before, but I had a subchorionic bleed in the placenta which, although did not cause any complications, was a cause for concern but is now absorbed and gone. Yeah!

My last ultrasound also pretty much confirmed that this pregnancy is a miracle. I won’t go into many details (since it concerns my cervix and I’m sure you’re not interested in hearing about my cervix), but the consensus was that it was not easy for me to get pregnant. That raises the question about my miscarriage in the summer. Overall, I’m just going to not think about that too much and be grateful for my blessing. I’ve always hoped for having 3-4 children. I was beyond grateful for just one, and then worried about leaving Jamie alone with no siblings. Now that we have #2 on the way, I’m going to be thankful for that and count #3 or #4 as a bonus if that ever happens. One thing is for sure….no more fertility treatments for me. I’m going to leave well enough alone so we don’t become like Jon & Kate plus 8…and then just Kate plus 8. Know what I mean?

As an afterthought, I will leave you with this visual….Matt at 16 weeks….

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Dooms Day

Dooms Day

It’s like Groundhog’s day around here and it’s not even February.

Most of my days now involve me yelling things like this to my scissor obsessed preschooler and a few of indignant high school students:

“K! Go back to your table!”

“Why are you in the classroom? You’re supposed to be in the preschool!”

“K! I told you to put the scissors downs and go to your table.”

“No, it’s not lunch yet; go back to your table.”

“Why are you in the preschool? You’re supposed to be in the classroom.”

I know. It’ doesn’t sound right when I type it on here. Your’re wondering why I’m complaining. I’m telling you I say these things multiple times in less than 5 minutes.

My scissor fiend is becoming a problem. I’ve had to hide all the scissors. I’m ready to tie him to a chair.

My high school students are just plain defiant these days. They are everywhere they are not supposed to be. If I were paying them I would fire them for insubordination. Can you fire high school students who are your students? Just checking…

I’ve been able to keep my cool thus far. But, I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out before I scream at the top of my lungs and the students become afeared. Very, very afeard.

So, I worked out a formula, and it’s not looking good people.

If you can’t read this the doom’s day date is December 16, 2011. Just shy of 1 day until winter break. Not good news.

(5 days in a school week- 3% salary cut* x cube root of pregnancy hormone + 1 week until Thanksgiving – 6 months until EDD squared divided by 180 school days)

In case you are wondering, I did complete this assignment at school. I mean, if Rick Scott can take away 3% of my salary plus give me more job duties, I’m pretty sure I can devote 3% of my work day to such shenanigans as chatting it up with my co-workers, hanging out at the vending machines, blogging, reading blogs, shopping, playing games on my new iPhone 4s, etc…..

Am I right, or am I right? Riggghhttttt.


Really, Monday? Really?

Really, Monday? Really?

What happens when a really tired person (from working the Art Harvest ALL weekend) wakes up on a Monday morning?


1. She wakes up late. Not late enough to actually make her late, but enough to stress her out all morning.

2. They close up a whole block of US 19, which indeed does make her late to school.

3. She trips walking back to her classroom carrying a box that literally has three sheets of paper in it. (the box literally weighs less than the giant pregnant-mommy boobs she’s sporting right now- no kidding around here!)

4. She has to go to the clinic and Principal’s secretary to embarrassingly explain how she literally tripped over her own two feet walking back to class with a feather light box.

5. She ends up having to go to the Worker’s Comp clinic and sit for 2 hours because now her damn foot is all swollen up and shooting pains up her leg.

6. The clinic can’t do an x-ray because she is pregnant, so they give her an ugly looking foot shoe and bandage and put her on moderate duty after she endures their lecture on poor choice of shoe that morning (meaning she can only walk 15 minutes every hour- Ha! Like that’s going to happen with 25 preschoolers, 200 high school students and a 1 yr old running around at home…).

Tuesday better be nicer to me. That’s all I’m sayin.


Oh, wise wee one

Oh, wise wee one

Today, one of my preschoolers got very upset and started crying spontaneously at his table during an activity. I tried to ask him what was wrong and why he got upset, but he was crying so hard his face turned red and I couldn’t understand his muffled words.

Finally, some words rang out clear as a bell.


You and me both, mister. You.And.Me.Both.