When I was super depressed and scared about getting pregnant during those infertility years, I got desperate. You know those times where you feel down and out and wish you had a crystal ball so that you could see the future and know there was a light at the end of the tunnel? That was me. I was desperate to see a light and have some hope that I would be a mother one day.

During that time I consulted a psychic. The Baby Psychic, to be exact. Cheri, the Baby Psychic, has an amazing blog that not only talks about psyche in general, but also discusses infertility issues.

One day, she had a contest for a free prediction, and I went for it and won!

Here is a portion of her prediction dated April 2009…

“…I am seeing you with a BOY and they relate him to APRIL so this is either birth month, conceive month or the month you find out in…”

I totally forgot about this until yesterday when I went for my NT scan and they told me I was having a BOY!

Ok, since when can they tell you the sex of the baby at 14 weeks???

I did not expect to learn the sex of the baby yesterday. I did not expect to find out I was having a boy, either!

Here’s the thing…out of 160 students, only 3 are boys. I have a sister- no brothers. I lived in a sorority house with all girls. I have a daughter….I have NO IDEA what to do with a boy…but I am thrilled!

Because I was in disbelief, the ultrasound tech made sure to give us about 20 pics with arrows pointing to the scrotum and penis. I’ll save you the onslaught of penis/scrote pics. I don’t want to embarrass my son before he’s even born. I’ll save that for the teen years.

Eeeeeeck! I have a scrotum growing inside me!!!


2 thoughts on “Hmmm….fate?

  1. Congrats! Obviously I’m partial, but I think boys are the BEST! Everyone teases me since I was/am a pretty girly girl, but I would be terrified to have a girl at this point. I am much too used to dinosaurs, never thinking about diaper covers or hair bows, and all things boy. Congrats again!!!!


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