Be careful what you wish for

Be careful what you wish for

I have wished for many things in my life…

-a cute boyfriend (not now, when I was younger)
-to be kissed (you know, again when I was younger)
-to win a million dollars
-to accidentally get pregnant like everyone else
-to go back to Europe
-to get that Tiffany’s necklace I always wanted (score! Last Christmas, remember?)

My most recent wish was to get a new car. Matt had this old red car that he adored. But honestly, once we had Jamie I couldn’t stand the car. It was so low, with bucket seats and getting a baby in and out was just annoying as all hell.

So you can imagine my excitement when the car finally died and needed to be replaced. I acted sad for Matt, (ok, not really) but inside I was screaming, “Woo-hoo!”

We ended up replacing the old two-door with this beauty of a sedan:

Hello, new love of my life. Wish granted.

But, apparently the joke was on us. Cause it was a two-for-one wish special. We now also have one of these…

That’s right folks. Matt and I have jumped on the two under two bandwagon. Baby Tow #2 to debut in April!!


8 thoughts on “Be careful what you wish for

  1. So i’m not sure if you even remember me… I was Iris-Savea on ivillage and I stumbled across your blog… 2 months ago and started reading. I just had to wish you HUGE congrats on number 2!! =)


    1. I know! I was just telling Matt that my old self would be mad at me to admit this, but I’m really looking forward to a pimped out minivan! LOL!


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