Jamie’s Birthday Party

Jamie’s Birthday Party

I’m 3 weeks late with this, but I have a good reason (explanation in my next post).

I can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks since my baby has turned 1! She is certainly not a baby anymore….

For Jamie’s birthday party, I went back and forth trying to figure out if I was even going to throw a party or just keep it to family. In the end, I decided to go ahead and throw a “small” party…which ended up being a good 40 adults and 10 kids!!! Not quite as small as I thought, but once I invited family and her play group buddies, we were pretty much at those numbers!

Since I had a monkey theme for my baby shower, I stuck to the same theme for her birthday. We ordered in most of the food, but I did make her birthday cupcakes and some chocolate monkey pops.

We had minimal decorations since it was mostly outside, but I did bring the divider I have with pictures of Jamie from every month! I’m so happy I did this. It was a lot of work, but it is so precious to see her transformation every month before she turned a year old.

Outside the kids were playing with the water table or kiddie pools I had set up. It was a sunny and beautiful day!

For the bigger kids I had monkey masks to color.

We also had a pinata….cause I mean, what’s a birthday party without beating something with a stick and fighting other kids for candy?

Jamie had her first bites of anything sweet….

We had a few minutes of hit or miss time where we thought she might projectile vomit, but she shook it off (literally, she shuddered) and all was well again. Overall, I think she liked it!

Afterwards, when everyone left, we opened gifts as a family.

It was such a great day and I am very happy that we decided to throw her a celebration. We have memories we’ll never forget, although she’ll never remember them! We have amazing friends and family and I feel blessed to share this moment with them.

Jamie is a toddler now! YIKES!


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